Winter Garden Lighting Comes Alive At Night

Winter Garden Lighting

There’s nothing better than hurrying into a warm home when the weather is freezing, but don’t leave the outdoors behind, illuminating your space outside using winter garden lighting can create a beautiful scene on dark mornings and nights. Although your pretty summer flowers may have died it doesn’t mean that your entire garden has to suffer from neglection. There’s one way that you can still include the garden into your wintery life and that’s by dressing it up with some gorgeous glowing lights.

Winter Garden Lighting – Bollard Lights

The bollard has come a long way from providing a strong point for mooring boats and deterring traffic from entering particular routes, it’s now a style icon for gardens; helping to add stature, character and light to enhance the setting. The standard block or domed head appearance of a bollard has also had a revamp as many designers now try to find new ways to deliver aesthetically pleasing bollard lighting.

Bollard lights are primarily used as garden task lighting. Due to the bollards shape and size it would be hard to use these lights as accent lighting (lights to enhance features). This means they have a practical job to carry out for the owner, i.e light a garden pathway or drive. With an important job to do it’s vital your bollard light is well prepared to stand strong in the face of wind, rain and snow. Making sure that you have the correct IP rating for outdoor lighting is crucial, you should also consider what materials the bollard is made from too – if you live near the sea or in a marine environment then buying outdoor lighting with marine grade properties is best advised.

Winter Garden Lighting

Winter Garden Lighting – Spike Lights

Spike lighting supplies a much more flexible approach to winter garden lighting and this is why they’re a great choice for accent lighting outdoors. Usually donning a slender and streamline shape it makes it easier to subtly introduce into the garden without cluttering or making a major visible impact. This means that those shrubs, hedges and plant beds which are still flourishing despite the cold weather, can be further amplified by using hidden spike lights among the foliage.

Winter Garden Lighting

Winter Garden Lighting – Ground Lights

To maximise space but still retain great illumination ground lights can be a clever addition to the garden. Commonly installed in steps, pathways and drives, a ground light will remain hidden to help create a smooth and less-intrusive application. Some ground lights can even be used as accent lighting with those hosting a powerful beam sharing the ability to illuminate trees and other tall garden structures. There is even the option to select from different coloured beams other than just cool or warm white. These models are usually available in red, green and blue AKA RGB lights.

Winter Garden Lighting

Installing some winter garden lighting will undoubtedly improve the way in which your garden looks during the festive time – even if it’s just lighting up one solemn tree, it is a focal point that should still be admired. So whether you want prominent garden lighting that has its fixture on full display or you want to keep your lighting concealed, there are plenty of options out there for you.

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