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Founded in 2010 by experienced lighting technician Mark Lewin, Zano Controls embarked on a journey that promised to improve the quality and consistency of LED dimming. For years Mark became frustrated by the limitations of dimming LED lights. It was the tendency for LED bulbs to flicker or make noise whilst being dimmed that irked him the most, but Mark was determined to fix this common problem with the launch of Zano Controls, an outfit that could provide a smoother, classier and unrivalled dim compared to existing dimming controls on the market.

Along with a dedicated team of engineers and quality assessors Mark and Zano Controls sought to deflect traditional dimming parts and replace them with a newly integrated circuit board, programmed to specifically target the varying ways in which LED loads interact and behave. After monitoring the load, their integral software was able to adjust the dimming controls to complement the way in which LEDs draw their power.

Zano Controls Big Break

Off the back of many trials and tweaking, Zano Controls invented the very first flicker-free and silent dimmer for LED lamps, its name – ZGRIDLED dimmer. It was the innovation of the ZGRIDLED dimmer that saw Zano Controls catapult to the top of dimming controls, rubbing shoulders with huge lighting companies such as Phillips and Lutron.

Such an achievement subsequently gained Zano the attention they deserved. Indzano controls pictureustry experts were amazed by the dimmers exceptional performance, so much so that Zano walked away with the award for Highly Commended at the Lighting Design Awards 2014 and were voted for Top Product by readers of Professional Electrician Magazine.

It wasn’t long until Zano Controls launched additional models with the ZBARLED300 and ZBARLED1000 remote dimming packs, which became available to buy in 2014. These devices enabled a two-way and intermediate dimming for LED lamps without the flicker and without the noise. What made these products all the more desirable was their affordability, allowing consumers of all expenditure to gain quality dimming controls.

After such success Zano Controls decided to roll out more devices that could cope with multiple dimming positions. This meant that electricians could offer their clients with a much broader opportunity to dim and control lights all over the property. Up to 32 rotary controllers can be connected on one circuit, controlling all mains dimmable LEDs with no flicker in sight. The ZBARLED-1000 doesn’t limit or restrict itself either because it’s capable of dimming LEDs, low voltage bulbs, compact fluorescents, tungsten or a mixture of different lamps.

Availability & Why Electricians Love Zano Controls

In terms of aesthetic design Zano Controls offer dimmer switches of varying styles and function, with retractive or push-to-make switches, up and down retractive switches and rotary controllers all available to buy. So why do people, mainly electricians, love Zano Controls so much? Flexibility is the usual answer. For example, Zano Controls remote dimming packs can be used on already established installations, it could be tungsten or it could be compact fluorescent, but should an upgrade to LEDs be required, you can adapt new bulbs without needing to change any of the dimming components. This intelligent accommodation is made accessible due to the Zano unit automatically adjusting to suit the detected load.

With lighting technology and controls forever advancing we are sure to see Zano Controls launching new products and gaining more accolades along the way. The constant development of smart home automation will also no doubt be another determining factor to how we power and control our homes. Important electrical appliances such as heating, ventilation and lighting can all be controlled via smart phone apps and individual remote controls, helping to create a new-age fluid home, which is built to welcome cutting-edge technology and provide extra convenience for home-owners or commercial organisations.

Here at Direct Trade Supplies we are extremely proud to stock Zano Controls most cherished products. We strive to continue selling Zano inventions and it’s almost certain that we’ll be stocking their latest releases once they launch new dimming controls. We have even started to stock Lumanor lightbulbs, which have been recommended by Zano Controls for their smooth and quality dimming performance. We have all the lighting controls you’ll need to create a superior dimming operation, so whether it’s Zano grid dimmers or compatible light bulbs you are seeking, get in touch or place an order today!

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