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Get The Best In Performance From Our Commercial Ceiling Fans

Our selection of ceiling fans is comprised of several industry-leading models that are designed for use in large commercial buildings, small offices, and just about everywhere in between.

We carry ceiling fans from top name manufacturers, and the excellent craftsmanship and durability means you won't have to worry about noisy and unsightly "wobbling”. Our products provide a high RPM and a smooth spinning action that is easily controlled from the ground, which enables end users to enjoy a ventilated, cool workspace without any hassle.

Ceiling Fans Available For Small, Medium and Large Business Premises

Whether used to combat hot, humid conditions or to simply circulate air, commercial ceiling fans are fit for use in industrial facilities, as well as in public buildings like shopping centres, restaurants, banks and more. At Direct Trade Supplies, we carry a wide range of models, many offering silent operation. They come in numerous sizes too, so you can select something that is perfect for your cooling and ventilating needs. We offer a range of products that simplify this process, including:
  • Ceiling fans that come with remote controls for easy programming, ideal for conducting fans mounted to high ceilings in areas such as factories and warehouses
  • Ceiling fans that come with easy to operate wall mount controllers
Ceiling fans come with either metal or plastic blades, and the wide scope in the price range ensures you'll be able to find something within your budget. These long-lasting, durable products are performance-oriented and will keep the airflow in your building clear and constant, all while producing minimal noise and vibration so as not to disrupt your place of work or business.

Find An Affordable Range Of Ceiling Fans At Direct Trade Supplies

When it comes to finding an affordable array of ceiling fans, look no further than Direct Trade Supplies. We carry a wide selection of products that not only suit your needs, but the look and feel of your establishment, too. The variety of colours such as white, black and brown means you can find an industrial ceiling fan that will fit your establishment's décor with subtlety. We also have a variety of sizes too, ranging from 36 to 56 inches, so you're able to find something that compliments the look of your office, factory, shop or warehouse while still ensuring adequate airflow and cooling.

The high RPM of industrial ceiling fans means they should be installed at least 10 feet from the ground, which is why we carry a number of products with user-intuitive remote control and programming. Whether you need your fan in constant operation or just on for a specific time period such as overnight, you'll find something that can work for your needs with the variety available at Direct Trade Supplies, where high velocity, quiet, energy-efficient ceiling fans are yours for less.