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Find A Selection Of LED Downlights For Less At Direct Trade Supplies

Get space-saving illumination with cost-effective LED downlights. At Direct Trade Supplies, we stock products that are made to the highest safety standards, and utilize energy saving technology to provide brilliant illumination at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting.

Recessed LED downlights are simple to install, and can be used to either create ambience or provide task lighting depending on where they're used. Your commercial, industrial or retail space will benefit from the look and feel of LED downlights, while your energy bills will feel the effects of their cost-effective design.

LED Downlights Are Practical And Versatile

LED downlights are the next natural step in ceiling lighting. They can be easily installed, last for many years to reduce the number of times they need changing, and provide excellent illumination.

The LED technology drastically reduces the amount of power needed to operate them, yet doesn't impede the performance. Whether you're after simple spot lighting or want to brighten an entire room using LED downlights, you'll have no trouble finding both the light fixtures as well as all of the supporting hardware and accessories to get the job done right. 
  • Brands such as Robus, Eterna, V-TAC and Saxby
  • Single and multi-bulb LED downlights available
  • Energy-efficient bulbs use up to 80% less power than conventional bulbs
  • Products available under manufacturer warranty
LED downlights look great in spaces such as bars, under cabinets, in waiting rooms and just about anywhere in between. And with round or triangle-shaped lights available, you'll have no difficulty selecting something that suits the décor of your establishment down to a tee.

Save On Bulk Orders Of LED Downlights

The lighting requirements in every building and for each business are different, which is why we stock such a large variety of downlighting so that you can find exactly what you need without having to shop around.

If you're looking for high performance, low energy costs and stylish finishes, all-in-one LED downlights give you the best of all three. There is the opportunity for further savings when you place large orders too, as we offer additional discounts on bulk shipments. For these and other commercial electrical components, shop the selection at Direct Trade Supplies and save.