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Find Emergency Lighting And Accompanying Components For Less

When all else fails, make sure your emergency lighting doesn't. At Direct Trade Supplies, we stock Emergency Lighting for use in commercial and industrial buildings as well as hospitality institutions, so you can ensure your staff and clientele are able to safely exit the building in the event of a fire, flood or other incident.

We carry emergency lighting from trusted manufacturers, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible quality. The products are easy to install and can be up and running instantly, so you can always be sure that your property has the correct signage in place to guide people to safety in the event of an evacuation.

Keep Your Property Safe With Emergency Lighting

In the event of a power loss at the mains, battery-operated emergency lighting will turn to ensure constant illumination in your establishment. Maintained and non-maintained lights give you complete control over the power consumption and terms of usage of your emergency lighting, and we have a selection of both to give you plenty of options when choosing what's best for your building. 
  • Emergency Lighting components such as bulkheads, exit boxes, LED lighting, signage and more
  • Products from trusted brands such as Ansell, Elex, Red Arrow and Eterna
  • Lighting with a range of IP safety ratings
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty available on most products
Emergency lighting fixtures can be hung from the ceiling or mounted to walls to ensure high visibility in your establishment. We also stock weatherproof IP65 rated emergency lighting that is suitable for use outdoors, so you can protect all aspects of your property.

Save On High Quality Emergency Lighting At Direct Trade Supplies

LED lighting is affordable and long-lasting, helping you lower your energy bills without compromising performance. The high light emitted is ideal for use in emergencies, a time when you need clear, high-powered illumination right away. LED lights have a long shelf too, so you can install LED emergency lighting knowing that it will perform to a high standard in the unfortunate event that it should need to.

In spite of best-laid plans, accidents and emergencies can happen, and a swift evacuation of the people in your building is necessary to avoid injury and further complications. With emergency lighting, you can be sure the lights will come on quickly and stay on for as long as is needed to ensure everyone gets to the appropriate exit points.