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Adiseal Higrab Adhesive (White)
EXCL. VAT: £5.65
INCL. VAT: £6.78
Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant Black
EXCL. VAT: £5.65
INCL. VAT: £6.78
Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant White
EXCL. VAT: £5.65
INCL. VAT: £6.78
Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant Clear
EXCL. VAT: £6.55
INCL. VAT: £7.86
Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant Grey
EXCL. VAT: £5.65
INCL. VAT: £6.78
Showing 1 to 5 of 5 Products
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More Information

Works in dry, wet & underwater

Adiseal works in the dry, wet & even underwater. Imagine a leaking gutter and its raining outside. With Adiseal, the leaking gutter can be sealed straight away even if its raining outside. The location of the leak from the gutter can be seen & fixed immediately.

A dry day will be required first to apply the sealant & there is no way of checking immediately if the gutter has been sealed or not with other products. With Adiseal, the leak can be repaired & tested immediately. It will also provide good strong seal that will last a very long time. Thats just one of the reasons why Adiseal is the best gutter sealant.

Adiseal waterproof adhesive sealant, seals & bonds underwater as well. The water doesnt need to be removed from the item being sealed or stuck to. This can save a lot of time and therefore money as well.

Waterproof adhesive

Adiseal is also the strongest waterproof adhesive available. It works great for many different applications where a waterproof adhesive is required providing a strong waterproof bond that will last a long time.

Tip, When using a waterproof adhesive where there is a chance of water running behind the item, it is best to apply the product in thin vertical strips. This allows any water to run down between the waterproof adhesive instead of building up on top of the waterproof adhesive.

Instant Power Grab

Adiseal is also a fast grab adhesive with very high initial power grab & grip, even on wet surfaces plus underwater as well. For even faster instant power grab, use the Adiseal Hi-Grab adhesive. It has phenomenal instant power grab & grip with an extremely strong bond. It is available as a white adhesive only.

See the Hi-Grab page for more information

If there is no need for extra high initial grab or if temporary supports can be used then it is recommended to use the standard Adiseal adhesive & sealant. The reason for this is because the Adiseal Hi-Grab product is a very thick product therefore requires a lot of pressure to push the surfaces close together.

Please note the Adiseal colours have a stronger initial grab & bond strength than the Adiseal Ultra Clear. It is recommended to use Adiseal Colours over Adiseal Ultra Clear when being used as an adhesive.

Gap Filling Adhesive

Adiseal has high gap filling properties and is ideal when trying to bond something where there is a gap between the surfaces of the materials. This is usually the case when the material is not smooth, for example natural stone that is roughly cut. The high gap filling properties of Adiseal allows a strong bond whether the surface is flat or not. Adiseal will also avoid slumping when used in overhead applications due to its high gap filling property.

In most cases other products like contact adhesives do not have high gap filling properties. Even if a product is applied all over the surface area, if there is a high gap between 2 surfaces, there still wont be any product holding the 2 items together. This vastly reduces the strength of the overall bond.

Over Paintable

Adiseal is available in the following colours: white, black, grey, brown & ultra clear. Adiseal can be manufactured in any RAL colour. It is also over paintable with most paints. For solvent & oil based paints, compatibility testing is required. Sanding the surface slightly can help the paint adhere better. Waiting until Adiseal has fully cured is recommended before painting over it. Adiseal can take 48 hours for it to fully cure.

Tip, Own paint colour can be mixed into Adiseal Ultra Clear to make an adhesive & sealant match the exact colour required. Use a piping bag, tube or cartridge to apply the custom coloured Adiseal.

Flexible Adhesive

Adiseal is the proven strongest flexible adhesive available. A flexible adhesive allows a bond to be non brittle. Adiseal allows for movement due to temperature & moisture changes as well as soaking up vibration, creating the strongest flexible bond. The bond on a non flexible adhesive will eventually fail because it will become brittle over time. Using a flexible adhesive like Adiseal will create strong & longer lasting bond.

Virtually Odourless

Adiseal does not contain solvents or isocyanate. It does not have that harsh solvent smell that comes from other products that do contain solvents. Other products containing solvents will require well ventilated area requirements for use. This is not a problem for Adiseal as its very safe & virtually odourless.

Solvent Free

Solvents in an adhesive or sealant will attack any item it is applied to. Some items can be very sensitive to solvents like polystyrene which is a common insulation material in buildings & other items like bath panels. Polystyrene will melt when in contact with solvents. Adiseal does not contain any solvents making it non aggressive & the best polystyrene adhesive.

Mirror backing is also very sensitive to damage from products that contain solvents. Adiseal is the strongest mirror adhesive available on the market.

No Shrinkage or Cracking

Adiseal does not shrink or crack as its not filled with solvents. Other products are filled with solvents to make them cheaper to manufacture but this results in there being less active product in the cartridge. This causes the product to shrink & crack as the solvents evaporate away. As Adiseal does not contain solvents, there is more active product in the adhesive sealant tube & therefore no shrinkage or cracking when its applied. Adiseal is also designed to stays permanently flexible and not become brittle.

Problem of using cheap products

One problem of using a cheap silicone sealant to seal a bath, shower, basin or any other item is that the sealant will start to peel away from the surface before its cured. This is because of the sealant shrinking due to the solvent escaping from the cheap silicone sealant. This is the same problem when using a cheap adhesive that contain solvents leaving a weaker bond than better products like Adiseal.

As Adiseal does not any contain solvents, it provides a much stronger bond & better seal that will last a lot longer than other products. Using cheaper products sometimes end up costing more as once they fail, it will have to be removed & replaced. This costs time & money, especially for tradespeople as they have to keep a reputation for quality work.

EC1 Plus certified

Adiseal is certified EC1 Plus meaning it has the lowest certified VOC for adhesives & sealants.

ISEGA Certified

Adiseal is ISEGA certified meaning it is suitable for use in food preparation areas. Adiseal is the ideal kitchen sealant as its certified safe for use in food preparation areas.

uitable for interior & exterior use

Adiseal is a high performance product that is waterproof. It performs equally well when used as an interior adhesive sealant as well as an exterior adhesive sealant.

When Adiseal is being used on items like roof felt, Adiseal will not only stick the roof felt but will seal the roof at the same time.