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Flood Lights Are A Practical Addition To Your Safety System

Keep your outdoor premises secure by installing affordable, trustworthy flood lights. This powerful outdoor lighting is ideal for use in expansive commercial and industrial settings, where break-ins and other forms of vandalism pose a threat to your vehicle fleets, property and contents.

With commercial flood lights, you're able to ensure you have control by adjusting the light to a set angle to give you the best lighting coverage over selected areas. And with affordable flood lights available from Direct Trade Supplies, now companies of all sizes can integrate them into their security system for less.

Flood Lights Are Inexpensive Yet Powerful

Get powerful wattage from low energy lamps that give you excellent illumination at a fraction of the cost of other lights. LED flood lights are designed to mitigate energy usage while still providing powerful output. The cool running temperature also means they last for longer, making them a great one-time investment for years of trustworthy performance.
  • Find flood lights from brands such as Aurora, Robus, Saxby, Magaman and others
  • Lights are made with corrosion-proof materials for longevity
  • Products come with a 90 degree tilt for adjustable coverage areas and light intensity
  • Products are covered under manufacturer warranty
We carry a number of motion sensor activated flood lights that will turn on only when there is activity, lowering the amount of energy that could be wasted by powering them constantly unnecessarily. The flood lights we stock come with all the necessary parts for installation and fitting, plus at Direct Trade Supplies we carry a number of electrical tools and accessories to make it easy to add flood lights into your outdoor security system.

Flood Lights For Less At DIrect Trade Supplies

You shouldn't be forced to compromise between keeping your property safe, and paying expensive operating costs to power your flood lighting. With energy-efficient models, you can be sure you won't have to. Having clear images captured on CCTV can be imperative when it comes to an investigation, so having the correct lighting in place to ensure everything is visible to the cameras is incredibly important.

Flood lights come in weatherproof and corrosion-proof materials, so once you've installed them you don't have to worry about constant maintenance. Season after season, these lights will give you the illumination where you need it and when you want it. To save on large bulk orders, contact Direct Trade Supplies to discuss further discounts.