SON Flood Lights

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ML Accessories 250W SON Tubular GES E40 Lamp (Clear)
Code: 250WSONT
EXCL. VAT: £7.44
INCL. VAT: £8.93
ML Accessories 400W SON Tubular GES E40 Lamp (Clear)
Code: 400WSONT
EXCL. VAT: £8.17
INCL. VAT: £9.80
Showing 1 to 2 of 2 Products
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SON Floodlights Are A Powerful Solutions

Get high quality illumination at an affordable price with SON floodlights. These technologically-advanced products are ideal for saving money, using less energy and providing high-powered light across large surfaces.

If you need clear security lighting in car parks, shipping bays or other expansive outdoor areas, SON floodlights are a great choice. At Direct Trade Supplies, we're proud to stock a selection of sodium floodlights at affordable wholesale prices, and with nationwide shipping available, companies across the UK can turn to us for their outdoor security lighting needs.

Discharge SON Floodlights Are Affordable To Maintain

SON floodlights use sodium and other gases to create light, and is therefore classified as a discharge lamp. What this creates is powerful bright light with little pollution or heat, making it a smart choice for energy-savvy businesses.

Your industrial or commercial premises needs clear lighting at all times, but especially overnight when it is most at risk. External SON floodlights provide the brightest illumination, and thanks to their design have a low operating cost, so you can install and forget about them knowing they will provide thousands of hours of power when you need it most.

When you shop for SON floodlights at Direct Trade Supplies, you'll find:
  • Trusted brands like Robus and others
  • Heavy-duty floodlights that come with all the necessary hardware for installation
  • Durable die-cast aluminium construction to stand up to any weather elements
Products like the Robus 80W High Powered LED Flood Light can be powered either manually using an on/off switch, or can be left to work with a PIR sensor, only turning on when motion is activated. This enables you to get all the high-powered lighting when you want it, and ensure the light is off and not using any excess energy when you don't.

Save On Brand Name SON Floodlights At Direct Trade Supplies

At Direct Trade Supplies, we make it easy for businesses to find the right products for their lighting needs, and all at affordable wholesale prices. We make it even easier to save by offering additional discounts on products, such as further savings on large bulk orders.

Security is a necessity, not a luxury, and we can help you ensure that of your premises for less with quality products available online at Direct Trade Supplies.