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Knightsbridge IP66 5G Remote Switch Box (Grey)
Code: IP665G
EXCL. VAT: £32.46
INCL. VAT: £38.95
Knightsbridge IP66 5G Switch Box (Grey)
Code: IP5G
EXCL. VAT: £23.35
INCL. VAT: £28.02
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Get Complete Control From Anywhere In Your Building With Wireless Lighting Control

Get the ambience you want from the lighting in your building with the help of wireless lighting control. Affordable and easy to use, a wireless lighting control puts you in firm control of your power consumption as well as the look and feel of your premises with the click of a button.

Available to monitor indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, these models are made by the best electrical manufacturers around, giving you peace of mind and confidence with each lighting control you purchase.

Wireless Lighting Control Is Easy And Cost Effective

Switch lights on and off, or lower lighting levels up and down with wireless lighting control. Some wireless lighting control systems even allow you to control things like extractor and ceiling fans in addition to the lighting. Some areas of your building may need 24/7 illumination, but chances are there are rooms in which it isn't always necessary to have the lights on at full capacity. Some models provide wireless transmission up to 30 metres away, so you can turn off the lights in areas they're not needed with just the click of a button. 
  • Shop for wireless lighting controls made by trusted manufacturers such as Schneider Electric
  • Choose from handheld or wall mounted controls to suit your needs
  • Handheld devices allow you to control lighting from anywhere
 Most wireless lighting control models comes with standard battery operation, making them easy to replace when you need to. Cutting-edge technology makes it simpler than ever to get first-rate lighting control. For example, models such as the Schneider Electric Sphere 8 Channel Wireless Hand Controller come with dual capacity to program both fixed and standalone lighting fixtures for total control.

It's easy to program and install your wireless lighting control to work with a number of fixtures throughout your building, so you can be up and running in no time. Designed for convenience, wireless lighting controls are small and compact, enabling you to place them wherever you choose without them taking up too much space.

Save On Wireless Lighting Control With Direct Trade Supplies

Connecting your controller to your existing lighting system is made simple thanks to innovative software, so you don't have to replace the lighting in your entire building to enjoy the use of a wireless lighting control.