External Motion Detection

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Protect Your Property's Exterior And Grounds With External PIR sensors

Improve the security on your premises with external PIR sensors. A Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) will detect motion on your property, switching on if someone were to walk in the path of the light.

Our external PIR sensors are the prefect way to complement the security system in place on your commercial or industrial property, and you'll find a wide selection available for less at Direct Trade Supplies.

Find Easy-To-Mount Wall External PIR Sensors At Direct Trade Supplies

External PIR sensors use infrared technology to pick up on objects that give off heat. They have a wide range of view, so that any vandal, thief or persons unpermitted on your property will cause the light to turn on. When used in conjunction with other aspects of your security system, external PIR sensors can be invaluable to stopping damage or theft before it happens

At Direct Trade Supplies we stock a number of external PIR sensors to assist businesses of all sizes with their outdoor lighting and security needs:
  • External PIR sensors come in durable, weatherproof materials
  • Light fixtures are easy to install
  • Products are covered under manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
You may not always be on your property, but external PIR sensors will do a lot to deter people from causing any damage to the building or property on the premises. If you have installed a CCTV system, the light given of by PIR sensors will enable you to get a good look at things like faces and number plates caught in the glare, which can prove incredibly useful in an investigation.

Pick Up The Highest Quality External PIR Sensors Today

In addition to external PIR sensors, we also carry a number of installation accessories to help you fit your security lighting. We understand that round the clock security isn't a realistic option for a number of businesses, which is why we carry products featuring the latest technology that can keep your property safe 24/7/365 without the need to enlist professional security.

External PIR sensors are small and inexpensive, and the motion detection technology won't wear away so you can invest in external PIR sensors knowing they have a long shelf life.