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Robus Motion Detector 180D PIR (White)
Code: R180-01
EXCL. VAT: £8.33
INCL. VAT: £10.00
Robus Motion Detector 180D PIR (Black)
Code: R180-04
EXCL. VAT: £8.46
INCL. VAT: £10.15
Robus Motion Sensor (pir And Mw), 1-10V, Surface Mounted, Black
EXCL. VAT: £102.19
INCL. VAT: £122.63
Robus Proton 180ø Pir, IP65, White
Code: RPR180PIR-01
EXCL. VAT: £14.73
INCL. VAT: £17.68
Robus Proton 180ø Pir, IP65, Black
Code: RPR180PIR-04
EXCL. VAT: £13.33
INCL. VAT: £16.00
Robus Twilight 3W Led Square Wall Light, IP65, Grey, 3000K (Grey)
Code: RTW0330SQ-24
EXCL. VAT: £14.27
INCL. VAT: £17.12
Showing 1 to 6 of 6 Products
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Control Your External PIR Sensors With PIR Wall Switches

Save money on your electrical bills and reduce operating costs with the help of PIR wall switches. These products enable you to program your lights, fans and other electrical components to only be in operation when there's someone in the room, and automatically switch off when there's not.

The selection of PIR wall switches available at Direct Trade Supplies are compatible with a number of products, and make it easy for you to get up and running in no time.

Enjoy Many Benefits With Affordable PIR Wall Switches

PIR wall switches utilise infrared technology to detect movement in a room. By picking up on body heat, the switch can determine if the room is occupied and therefore needs to have a light on, or vacant, and can shut down the light into a power saving mode. PIR switches are ideal for areas that aren't always in use such as toilets, storage rooms and certain corridors, and they can be used in conjunction with both lights and fans.

There are many benefits to shopping for PIR wall switches online at Direct Trade Supplies:
  • Shop for trusted brands such as Timeguard, Steinel and more
  • Simple white colours are subtle and great with almost any interior
  • Adjust the time after which you'd like the light to automatically shut off, ranging from six seconds to twelve minutes on most models  
  • Can easily be mounted onto the wall for a discreet look
  • Further discounts available on bulk orders
PIR wall switches are easy to install, and can be configured for us with LEDs, fluorescent or incandescent lights. The smart motion sensor technology allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and electricity bills, as they mitigate the waste caused by having lights or fans in operation when it isn't absolutely necessary. But if for any reason you want to keep the lights on, many models come with a manual override so you can program your lighting just the way you want.

PIR Wall Switches Are Ideal For Any Sized Business

Cost-effective, user-friendly and affordable, PIR wall switches are a must for any savvy business owner. Whether you have a large or small property, these wall-mounted switches are the energy efficient solution to wasted electricity.