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Manrose 4 Inch Extractor Fan with Timer Over Run (White)
Code: ECF100T
EXCL. VAT: £8.31
INCL. VAT: £9.97
ML Accessories 100MM/4
EXCL. VAT: £7.11
INCL. VAT: £8.53
ML Accessories 100MM/4
Code: EX009B
EXCL. VAT: £2.97
INCL. VAT: £3.56
ML Accessories 100MM/4
Code: EX009W
EXCL. VAT: £2.95
INCL. VAT: £3.54
ML Accessories 100mm/4
Code: EX001T
EXCL. VAT: £11.64
INCL. VAT: £13.97
ML Accessories 100MM/4
Code: EX007W
EXCL. VAT: £1.95
INCL. VAT: £2.34
ML Acessories 100mm/4
Code: EX007B
EXCL. VAT: £2.01
INCL. VAT: £2.41
Showing 1 to 7 of 7 Products
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Get Drop Rods From Top-End Trusted Brands

If you need to lower your ceiling fan or ceiling light fan, our selection of drop rods are the solution. At Direct Trade Supplies, we stock a large number of drop rods that are suitable for use with a number of fan models so that you can purchase them together, or select the drop rod individually to work with your current fans.

These drop rods are particularly useful in large buildings such as factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants with high ceilings. Lowering the fan produces better air circulation and cooling, and improves illumination if your ceiling fan has a light. And with the variety of finishes available, your drop rods can act as an aesthetic feature in your workplace as well. Built tough for durable and reliable suspension, the drop rods available at Direct Trade Supplies are ideal for use in a number of business establishments, both commercial and industrial in nature.

Find A Wide Selection Of Drop Rods At Direct Trade Supplies

Drop rods come in a variety of lengths, allowing you to buy something that's already fit for installation, or that can be cut to give you a bespoke length. Businesses that operate in large premises with high ceilings may often need the help of drop rods to appropriately position fans, as may those that have hot working environments such as commercial kitchens and industrial factories. The number of finishes and colours available means that no matter if your fans are fitted purely for performance or if they double as an addition to the décor, you can enjoy the best of both from our selection. Choose your drop rods in materials such as titanium, brass, chrome, and nickel and in colours ranging from simple white and black to shiny gold.

At Direct Trade Supplies, you'll find a wide variety of drop rods:
  • Available in sizes ranging from 12” for smaller models to 72” to suspend large industrial ceiling fans
  • Available in a variety of finishes to match the décor of your place of business
  • Fans won't "wobble”, resulting in no irritating noise when in operation

Save On Drop Rods For Ceiling Fans

Having your ceiling fan too high can result in drastic loss in airflow, and effectively render the fan useless. By implementing a drop rod, you can ensure your fan is operating at an optimal performance to keep the air in your business, office or industrial space circulating freely. You can save even more on drop rods for all of your fan fixtures with Direct Trade Supplies, so what are you waiting for?