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Robus Radar 360° Mw Sensor, With 3 Step Dimming, IP65, White
Code: RRD360MW-01
EXCL. VAT: £43.75
INCL. VAT: £52.50
Saxby Lighting IP44 Surface Mount Microwave Sensor (Gloss White)
Code: 54415
EXCL. VAT: £10.38
INCL. VAT: £12.46
Timeguard 360 Deg Ceiling Pir Presence Detector - Flush Mount White
Code: PDFM1500
EXCL. VAT: £29.96
INCL. VAT: £35.95
Timeguard 360/DEG Multt-pir Security Light Controller Black
Code: MLSA360N
EXCL. VAT: £29.15
INCL. VAT: £34.98
Timeguard Flush Sensor - Digital - Luna TOP2 White
Code: 907.0.456
EXCL. VAT: £46.12
INCL. VAT: £55.34
Timeguard Pir Presence Detector 2000W (flush Mount) White
Code: PDFM361
EXCL. VAT: £27.90
INCL. VAT: £33.48
Timeguard PIR Presence Detector 2000W 2 Channel Flush Mount (White)
Code: PDFM362
EXCL. VAT: £31.49
INCL. VAT: £37.79
Timeguard PIR Presence Detector 2000W Surface Mount (White)
Code: PDSM361
EXCL. VAT: £28.19
INCL. VAT: £33.83
Showing 1 to 9 of 9 Products
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More Information

Save On Flush Mounted PIR Switches With Direct Trade Supplies

Lighting control can make all the difference to the energy consumption in your place of business, and it couldn't be simpler thanks to flush mounted PIR switches. These products enable you to control when the lights are in operation based on motion sensor technology, and are easily fitted into the ceiling for simple installation.

Our flush mounted PIR switches are great for use in an office, warehouse, medical practice, retail establishment or other commercial space. If there are rooms in your building that aren't always in use, such as bathrooms, toilets, storage rooms or offices, having lighting in constant operation can be a drain on your energy usage. By having intuitive infrared technology in place, you can use only what you need to, and lower electricity bills in the process.

Flush Mounted PIR Switches Are Simple Yet Effective

Browse the selection of flush mounted PIR switches available at Direct Trade Supplies. We carry a number of products that are compatible with a wide range of lighting fixtures to help you save both money and energy:
  • Shop for models from best-selling brands like Timeguard and Honeywell
  • Many models come with manual off/on override
  • Adjustable light level control available for maximum energy-efficiency
  • IP44 weatherproof rating means some flush mounted PIR switches are suitable for outdoor use
Flush mounting allows for easy installation into the ceiling leaving no gaps, great for rooms with low ceilings and limited space. With many models, you can adjust the switches to automatically shut off after your desired time, whether it is a few seconds or a couple of minutes. Products like the Timeguard 360 ceiling flush mount PIR presence detector provide a "No Creep Zone, so you can be sure to be alerted to even the slightest disturbance. Not only will Flush Mounted PIR switches help reduce energy costs, but they play in an important part in the safety and security of your property as well.

Quality Range Of PIR Switches Ready For Flush Mounting

At Direct Trade Supplies, we're pleased to offer the best selection of flush mounted PIR switches from the industry's leading manufacturers. Furthermore, we also provide help to save you even more when it comes to outfitting your industrial or commercial property with energy-efficient solutions.