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Eterna 1FT 60W Tubular Heater (White)
Code: TH1
EXCL. VAT: £21.90
INCL. VAT: £26.28
Eterna 2FT 120W Tubular Heater (White)
Code: TH2
EXCL. VAT: £26.65
INCL. VAT: £31.98
Eterna 3FT 180W Tubular Heater (White)
Code: TH3
EXCL. VAT: £31.90
INCL. VAT: £38.28
Eterna 4FT 240W Tubular Heater (White)
Code: TH4
EXCL. VAT: £36.29
INCL. VAT: £43.55
Showing 1 to 6 of 6 Products
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Save On Energy Costs With Tubular Heaters

Save on heating your large industrial, commercial or retail space with technologically superior tube heaters. An energy-efficient solution to both spot heating and warming of large areas, tube heaters come in a variety of sizes so you can easily find some that fit your premises and needs.

Heat is radiated, rather than blown throughout a building, which reduces both wasted, excess heat and the power used to produce it. As the heat emanates from circular tube heaters, it warms people, furniture, floors and walls rather than the air, reducing heat loss and ensuring a comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the property.

Tube Heaters Are Ideal For Use In Bigger Spaces

Tube heaters are a great way for large companies to combat inflated energy bills.  These powerful heaters are ideal for use in big buildings such as factories and manufacturing plants, garages, industrial buildings, storage centres, large retail spaces and more. The innovative design utilises radiant heat that ensures your patrons and staff always enjoy a sustainable room temperature.

There are many benefits of tube heaters, available at Direct Trade Supplies:
  • Sleek, compact design is ideal for easy installation
  • Fast heating times reduce the number of hours the heating system needs to be on, reducing power costs
  • Tube heaters don't rely on air for heat to circulate, and therefore heat loss caused by opened doors or windows is minimised  
At Direct Trade Supplies we're proud to stock the leading manufacturers of tube heaters, which come complete with comprehensive warrantees. Whether you need a single fixture to fit within your existing heating system or a number of tube heaters to fit a new one, you'll find many cost-effective solutions in our selection.

Save On Tube Heaters With Direct Trade Supplies

You can install tube heaters to hang from the ceiling, so you don't have to worry about cumbersome, large heaters in the way on the floor of your premises. Tube heaters are ideal for those looking for smart heating solutions that won't compromise on the air quality or temperature, and costs less to run over the long term than other traditional heating methods. To save on these smart, self-contained heaters as well as a wide variety of heating accessories, turn to Direct Trade Supplies today.