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Code: GW70488P
EXCL. VAT: £15.21
INCL. VAT: £18.25
Gewiss GW 40001 4 Module Walls With Perforations Enclosure
Code: GW40001
EXCL. VAT: £11.44
INCL. VAT: £13.73
Gewiss 32A 2 Pole IP65 Rotary Switch (Red)
Code: GW70434P
EXCL. VAT: £26.28
INCL. VAT: £31.54
Gewiss 32A 4 Pole IP65 Rotary Switch (Red)
Code: GW70436P
EXCL. VAT: £12.35
INCL. VAT: £14.82
Gewiss 16A 4 Pole IP65 Rotary Switch (Red)
Code: GW70433P
EXCL. VAT: £10.75
INCL. VAT: £12.90
Gewiss 63A 4 Pole IP65 Rotary Switch (Red)
Code: GW70438P
EXCL. VAT: £27.71
INCL. VAT: £33.25
Showing 1 to 24 of 24 Products
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Get Quality Performance From Gewiss Enclosures

Save on affordable, high-tech Gewiss enclosures with Direct Trade Supplies. When it comes to outfitting your commercial or industrial place of business with quality electrical wiring, choosing the appropriate junction box is key. Products available from Gewiss are suitable for powering up your system, and you can have total peace of mind that once you do, you'll enjoy uninterrupted service.

These Gewiss enclosures are made in sleek designs to make storing the many wires and parts stylish and discreet. And with easy screw-fix fronts, you can access the components inside when you need to, and safely store them away when you don't.

Gewiss Enclosures Bring Both Style And Safety To Your Establishment

Keep electrical components safe with Gewiss enclosures. These products are made with durable materials that are ideal for protection against water damage and any solid matter that could potentially affect the wring or components inside. Gewiss enclosures come with all of the hardware needed for safe and secure installation too, so all you have to do is mount it, fit it and forget it.
  • Suitable for mounting small electrical items and wiring
  • Wall mount installation makes it easy to store items without taking up too much space
  • Watertight construction ensures your electrical components are protected
  • Simple colours like black, white and slate are attractive enough to work with your interior
In the event of a junction overload or flood in your building, you'll be thankful for Gewiss enclosures that lower the risk of fire and protect important components of your electrical system.

The electrical needs of each building vary, which is why we carry a selection of Gewiss enclosures at Direct Trade Supplies so you can always find something that is suitable. Whether you need something for use in a public establishment like a restaurant, bar or pub, or something for a large-scale industrial electrical system found in a warehouse or factory, we carry the appropriate junction boxes to help businesses of all sizes find something to suit their needs.

Save On Gewiss Enclosures When You Buy Online

Gewiss enclosures are long lasting, so you can be sure you'll get years of first-rate protection from these products. Furthermore, they're covered under manufacturer warranty, so you can enjoy added peace of mind. Save on the range of Gewiss enclosures available at Direct Trade Supplies.