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ESP 4mm Lens 1080p Wire Free HD Camera (White)
EXCL. VAT: £61.98
INCL. VAT: £74.38
ESP GuardCam LED Combined Security LED Floodlight (Black)
EXCL. VAT: £93.05
INCL. VAT: £111.66
ESP Medium External Dummy Camera With Optional Led
Code: CAM2001
EXCL. VAT: £38.70
INCL. VAT: £46.44
Hikvision Hitech Series 4 2MP Turret Camera CCTV Kit
Code: T104Q-B/1T
EXCL. VAT: £204.14
INCL. VAT: £244.97
Hikvision Hitech Series 8 2MP Turret Camera CCTV Kit
Code: T108Q-A/2T
EXCL. VAT: £291.64
INCL. VAT: £349.97
Hikvision Hitech Series 8 2MP Turret Camera CCTV Kit
Code: T108Q-B/2T
EXCL. VAT: £291.64
INCL. VAT: £349.97
Showing 1 to 6 of 6 Products
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Give Your Premises Unprecedented Protection With Complete CCTV Kits

Keeping your premises secure with 24/7 surveillance is made easy with affordable CCTV kits, available for less at Direct Trade Supplies.

You'll find everything you need to set up comprehensive indoor and outdoor surveillance so you can always be sure of what's going on in your premises. Our CCTV kits span across a wide price range, so you can easily find a set that suits both your budget and needs.

Get Everything You Need To Set Up Surveillance With CCTV Kits

If you have invested in a new business premises that currently has no security, you'll want to set up surveillance as soon as possible. Installing visible CCTV can deter thieves and vandals from approaching your place of business altogether, and capture on camera those that do. You can choose from black and white or colour footage, and then invest in one of our affordable CCTV kits made by the best manufacturers in the industry. These products are trusted by businesses all over the UK, and ensure you can have a fast, straightforward set up so you can get your surveillance up and running in no time.

If you need to start from scratch and install quality CCTV surveillance throughout your property, CCTV kits are the ideal way to go about doing this. Available for both wholesale and use in industrial, commercial and business establishments, our wide variety of CCTV kits enables you to find exactly what you want to meet your security needs, all at an attractive price point. They include components such as:
  • Monitors
  • Cables
  • DVR units
  • Dome cameras
  • Power supply cords and accessories
Waterproof, weatherproof and night vision outdoor cameras will stand up to all seasons, so you can feel confident knowing they won't fail you regardless of outdoor conditions. Anti-cut cable brackets can stand up to human tampering too, so vandals can't disrupt the constant flow of 24/7 footage being transmitted directly to your DVR. Real time video footage of your property is invaluable, which is why we stock CCTV kits that are affordable so that business of all sizes can always know who's on the property.

Save On CCTV Kits With Direct Trade Supplies

The security needs of every business are different, which is why we carry such a variety of products. We stock CCTV kits with two or four cameras, and some come with alarms to provide added protection. Some CCTV kits provide remote viewing, so you can watch video footage from your system from your smartphone or tablet on the go. You can always be sure of the safety of your building thanks to quality, reliable surveillance made possible with our selection of CCTV kits.