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Deedlock Access Control Waterproof Keypad IP68
Code: APX-16
EXCL. VAT: £59.90
INCL. VAT: £71.88
Securefast Deedlock AKT4226 Single Door Keypad Kit (White)
Code: AKT4226
EXCL. VAT: £110.00
INCL. VAT: £132.00
Deedlock Door Entry Keypad (Silver)
Code: APX-14
EXCL. VAT: £39.99
INCL. VAT: £47.99
CQR AKT4252 External Gate Access Control Kit
Code: AKT4252
EXCL. VAT: £317.30
INCL. VAT: £380.76
CQR AKT4253 Proximity Enabled: One Door Access Control Kit
Code: AKT4253
EXCL. VAT: £177.65
INCL. VAT: £213.18
Securefast No-Touch Access Control Kit
Code: AKT4041
EXCL. VAT: £189.26
INCL. VAT: £227.11
Showing 1 to 17 of 17 Products
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Secure Your Exit And Entry Points With Durable Securefast Safety Solutions

Get quality protection for your property with products from Securefast. Securefast has been developing hardware, deadbolts and other security solutions for over 100 years, and this UK-based company has become one of the most highly sought-after and trusted names in entry security. Keeping your doors locked is one of the simplest things you can do to protect your property and contents, as well as keep unwanted visitors out of private areas.

With Securefast door lock products, it's simple to install heavy-duty locks that have a holding force ranging from 600lbs to 1200lbs depending on the model. Find a wide selection of Securefast entry products online at Direct Trade Supplies, and save.

Securefast Bolts And Locks Are Built Tough For Industrial Use

Securefast bolts and locks are ideal for use in offices as well as commercial and industrial properties. You'll find products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use too, so you can keep complete control over who's gaining access to all areas of your building. Whether your want a simple, surface mounted deedlock or a technologically-advanced electrical system, you'll find something suitable from this trusted vendor.
  • Choose from deadlocks, magnetic locks and electromagnetic locks
  • Products comply with European and British safety standards
  • Find products available for securing either single or double doors
  • Locks can be used on both inward and outward opening doors
Securefast locks offer easy installation and low maintenance, so you don't have to worry about replacement parts or constant repairs. You can save time and get peace of mind knowing that even if you haven't gone through the building closing all the doors behind you that they'll be locked with electromagnetic locks.

Simply install the surface mounted magnets and forget about them, as these durable products are long lasting and reliable. If you've installed an electromagnetic system, you can rely on user-friendly technology to make it simple to control. By installing a Securefast Deedlock keypad, you can set timers, lock and unlock doors by simply pushing a few buttons.

Save On Securefast Products With Direct Trade Supplies

Quick and easy installation means you can fit Securefast products onto indoor and exterior doors simply. These products are a cost-effective solution to high-security protection, ideal for small companies on a budget. And when you buy Securefast bolts and locks from Direct Trade Supplies, you can save even more - so what are you waiting for?