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Get State Of The Art Technology With Wise Controls

Wireless technology has enabled companies to make the most of their security systems, and now you can place yourself firmly in control of yours with Wise Controls, available at Direct Trade Supplies. We are proud to carry products from a line that makes it easy for business owners to control not only look the look and feel of their interior lighting, but also the power it consumes to help lower operating costs.

Wise Controls began life in 2003 with the launch of the popular Wise Box. Originally designed to provide easy control for outdoor lighting, the Wise Box has since been made available for use with both interior and exterior lighting systems, and Wise Controls have expanded their offerings to suit modern day business needs.

Wise Controls Makes Wireless Lighting Control Simple

With Wise Controls, you no longer need to worry about the placement of wiring, dimmer switches and fixtures. The wireless technology means you can have complete control over your lighting operation without having to be in the same room. A quick push of a button can turn lights on or off, up and down, and help you save electricity by shutting off lights that have been running in empty rooms.
  • Turn lights on and off, change the colour and intensity with easy-to-use remotes
  • Many products have a large 200m range to give you control from a distance
  • Covered under manufacturer warranty
Wise Controls are easy to configure with most lighting systems, and allow you complete control with wireless remote controls, special keyfobs as well as smartphones, PCs and tablets.

If you run a large commercial building with many lighting fixtures, switching each set on and off independently can be time consuming. With Wise Controls, you can save both time and money, making the most out of your lighting system for less.

Save On Wise Controls Electrical Products With Direct Trade Supplies

Wise Controls lighting kits come with all the components you need to install and run your wireless lighting set up. From the multi-channel control box to the remote control, installation hardware and more, you'll get everything you need to set up wireless lighting in your building at a competitive price.

Save even more on Wise Controls when you buy from Direct Trade Supplies, as we provide discounts on large bulk orders.