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Knightsbridge 6A DP Inline Cord Switch (Black)
Code: ST6ABK
EXCL. VAT: £1.41
INCL. VAT: £1.69
Knightsbridge 6A DP Inline Cord Switch (White)
Code: ST6AWH
EXCL. VAT: £1.35
INCL. VAT: £1.62
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Masterfully Connect Your Electrical Components With Extension Leads

If your business has a number of electrical components, connect them safely with surge-proof extension leads available at Direct Trade Supplies.

Suitable for indoor us, our selection of extension leads meet the highest safety standards, and enable you to plug in a variety of electrical appliances with confidence. Surge and power indicators alert you to when the lead base has been switched off or circumvented a power spike, and many models come with three channel cut-out protection to prevent power cuts.

Surge-Proof Extension Leads Are Safe For Use In A Variety Of Applications

These extension leads are a simple and powerful solution to handling many electrical appliances in a safe manner.

Offices with many computers, printers and other appliances can benefit from extension leads that are built to handle heavy usage without overheating. Similarly if you have lighting components, safety equipment or other machinery in a number of other settings, you can plug them into a multi-socket extension lead knowing your power won't be compromised and the equipment won't be damaged.
  • Extension leads are available from brands such as Aurora, BG, ETN and others
  • Choose 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 socket extension leads
  • Extension leads protected by £3000 connect parts warranty available
  • Products meet highest European and British electrical standards
If you need to plug in your phone or link up your internet, products like the BG Indoor power extension lead comes with telecom and data ports for easy connection. Metal oxide varistors absorb power surges too, so you don't have to worry about any power outages or fire hazards.

Save On Industrial Extension Leads With Direct Trade Supplies

When it comes to finding an array of indoor power solutions, look no further than Direct Trade Supplies. We know that businesses of all sizes operating over a number of different premises need quality, safe and reliable power units, which is why we stock extension cords that are built to handle the challenge.

Although wireless technology and remote controls have negated the need for many wired appliances, there are always going to be products that need to be connected to a power source. Our extension cables allow you to power a number of components quickly and safely, and at an affordable price. If you're looking to purchase a number of extension leads, call us on 01752 261211 to discuss a further discount on bulk orders.