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C.K Electrician's Core Tool Kit (Black)
Code: T5951
Price: £64.82
C.K Electrician's Premium Tool Kit (Red)
Code: 595003
Price: £189.00
CK Tools 160mm Quality Cable Cutters (Red)
Code: T3963-160
Price: £13.70
CK Tools 160mm VDE CombiCutter3 (Red)
Code: 431008
Price: £25.53
CK Tools 240mm Quality Cable Cutters (Red)
Code: T3963-240
Price: £17.19
CK Tools VDE 160mm CombiCutter1 (Red)
Code: 431004
Price: £23.64
CK Tools VDE CombiCutter 1 Max 180mm (Red)
Code: T39071-1180
Price: £25.51
CK Tools VDE CombiCutter 3 Max 180mm (Red)
Code: T39071-3180
Price: £29.36
Showing 1 to 40 of 82 Products
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Get Electrical Tools Online For Less With Direct Trade Supplies

Save on a number of electrical tools available at Direct Trade Supplies. We carry everything you need to install and run electrical systems, as well as fix existing fittings and components with ease.

Our electrical tools are built tough for years of use, suitable for jobs both indoors and out. If you're running a business or managing a property, little problems can crop up at any time. With a set of electrical tools, you can save on call-out costs and tackle these troublesome setbacks yourself, cutting costs and saving time in the process.

Shopping For Electrical Tools For All Your Needs

When it comes to finding the right electrical tools for every application, you'll find them at Direct Trade Supplies. We're proud to stock the tools used by professionals at affordable wholesale prices, so even if you just need a sturdy set to have around your building in case of emergencies, you can be sure your tools are the very best on the market.

Browse the selection of electrical tools today:
  • Shop for electrical tools made by best-selling brands such as Wiha
  • Find electrical tools such as screwdrivers, bit holders, slimbits and others
  • Products are made to the highest British and European safety standards
  • 1,000 V AC, VDE and GS tested and compliant
We also carry a number of accessories such as hardware and wiring to make the installation of electrical systems as simple as possible. Don't waste time shopping around to find electrical tools, appliances and accessories in different places. At Direct Trade Supplies, you'll find everything you need in one place.

Save On Electrical Tools With Direct Trade Supplies

You don't have to be a tradesman to use the tools of a certified professional. We stock industrial grade products at affordable prices so that every business can use the very best. We even carry sets of electrical tools that come complete in an easy-to-carry compact bag, ideal for taking them to and from job sites or around your building.

If you need several kits, we can offer further discounts on large orders. When it comes to finding trusted electrical tools, great savings and excellent customer service all in one place, look no further than Direct Trade Supplies.