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Stay In Control Of Your Lighting And Heating With Electrical Timers

Mitigating the use of the power in your establishment is becoming increasingly important in the wake of rising energy costs, and many business owners are turning to electrical timers to help lower the amount of wasted electricity in their establishment. With the help of easy-to-use controls, you can ensure your heating and lighting is only on when it needs to be, and can be set to do so with the touch of a button.

Set your lights and heating to operate during certain hours or on specific days with the help of electrical timers. We carry a number of products that are suitable for commercial and industrial establishments, so you can easily stay in control of your power consumption. Your power needs may change throughout the year, so whether you need to power down for the holidays or increase the heating during cold months, you can stay firmly in control with our selection of electrical timers.

Shop An Array Of Electrical Timers From Trusted Manufacturers

Simple twist dial electrical timers are available, as are multi-channel controllers that enable you to operate several fixtures at once. User-intuitive technology makes our selection of electrical timers easy to install and use.
  • Find electrical timers to control the water and air heating, lighting, air conditioning and more  
  • Shop for timers from manufacturers such as Sunvic, Timeguard, Texecom, Moeller and more
  • Wall mount products are available and come with appropriate hardware
Many electrical timers come with an internal battery for back up in the event of a power failure, so you can be sure of uninterrupted performance. Electrical timers enable you to have lights on and waiting for you when you get into work, and know that they'll shut down at the close of business without you having to do anything. For simple energy-saving solutions and easy operation, look no further than the selection of electrical timers available at Direct Trade Supplies.

Find Electrical Timers For Less at Direct Trade Supplies

We're proud to carry leading electrical products at affordable prices, so Britain's businesses can effectively power their establishments and cut energy costs. Electrical timers are covered under manufacturer warranty, and have a long shelf life so you can invest in them once and enjoy years of performance.