17th Edition Split Load

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Find The Perfect Split Load Consumer Unit For Your Building

For safe power distribution throughout your building, invest in a split load consumer unit. At Direct Trade Supplies, we carry a number of products made to the highest safety standards to ensure the uninterrupted flow of power throughout your building, whilst mitigating the risks of shortages or fire.

All the products we stock comply with the 17th Edition Split Load regulations introduced in January 2008 (and amended in 2011), so you can have total confidence in buying a split load consumer unit.

Get A Split Load Consumer Unit That Meets Fire And Safety Regulations

We carry models that be easily wall-mounted and configured to your electrical system, and require little maintenance once they have been. We know that the electrical needs of all businesses and commercial spaces are different, yet the one thing in common throughout all of them is the importance of safety. We carry split load consumer units that will meet government-mandated safety outlines and help you get the most out of your system in the safest way possible.
  • Find powerful consumer units developed by Hager and other top manufacturers
  • 10-way and 12-way consumer units available
  • Units are a simple white colour and can be easily mounted to the wall
  • All products are 17th Edition Consumer Units
In addition to stocking split load consumer units, we carry all accessories needed to power them such as DIN-rail mount breakers and more. The revised IEE Wiring Regulations stipulate that all consumer units must have RCD protection in place (this does not apply to fire alarm systems or security alarms). We carry the products you need to protect your circuit too, so you can find everything for safe electrical systems in one place.

Install A Split Load Consumer Unit For Less With Direct Trade Supplies  

Stop tripping, shortages and fire hazards with the help of a split load consumer unit. We make shopping for one simple and affordable, as we stock top-of-the-range products at unbeatable prices to help Britain's businesses save. You can start implementing safe power distribution sooner than later, and all for a low cost thanks to Direct Trade Supplies.