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Save On RCD Switches With Direct Trade Supplies

Get the most from your electrical systems using RCD switches. These products have become a mainstay in most households after revised electrical safety regulations were implemented in 2008, but they can also be used in your commercial or industrial property as well.

At Direct Trade Supplies, we carry RCD switches for use in consumer units of all sizes. The products we stock have been made to the highest standards, and they are yours for less when you shop our selection.

Consumer Units With RCD Switches Are Available From Top Manufacturers  

RCD switches play a large role in detecting unsafe electrical activity in your system. Irregular current and other atypical behaviour will cause the unit to shut down at the mains, thus lowering the risk of accidental electrical shock as well as fire, and contributing to the safety of your building as well as the people within it.

Many consumer units come with built-in RCD switches to give you an automatic advantage.  The statistics surrounding the number of accidents and fatalities that occur as a result of electrical fires and faulty wiring are prime examples of why it's so important not to compromise on safety when it comes to your electrical systems. With products from Direct Trade Supplies, you can get affordable, top-of-the-range products that ensure you never have to.

Shop today and find:
  • Find consumer units fitted with RCD switches from top manufacturers
  • Products comply with BS 7671 (2008) regulations
  • Most products available under warranty
At Direct Trade Supplies, we're proud to stock products that meet the highest safety guidelines as outlined by the EU, as well as building and wiring regulations mandated by the UK government.

Consumer Units With RCD Main Switches Are Available From Top Manufacturers  

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