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Push Wire Connectors From Direct Trade Supplies UK

Although using push wire connectors means an electrician has to keep a wider variety of connectors in stock, the benefits of using them far outweigh the inconvenience or cost for stock.

These push wire connectors allow for wires to be pushed in rather than being twisted on a traditional wire nut. The no-twist connection cuts down repetitive motion fatigue and the low insertion force makes for fast and simple connections. Their compact size makes installation child's play.

Branded Push Wire Connectors Bliss From Direct Trade Supplies

Brands like Helicons Plus or Helicons Easy Push Wire Connectors are perfect for delivering a professional job as they allow cable connections in electrical/electronic housing installations to be done in the most efficient way, even when facing difficult situation like overhead work. They feature a double spring for easy installation and maximum safety. Their transparent housing makes for a fast connection time and allows electricians to visually inspect if cable is fully mounted in the connector.

Supplied in a pack of 50, these 8-way push wire connectors are compact and therefore easy to install in tight spaces - they are suitable for all manner of junction boxes, for wall-mounted and flush-mounted installation.

Easy to install and re-usable, 8-way Push Wire Connectors are used for solid and stranded conductors, their easy installation saves up to 50% in reduced wiring time. They are vibration proof and colour coded for easy identification and feature integrated test points.

  • 8 conductor entries
  • 24A. 400V
  • 0.75-2.5mm solid and 1.5-2.5mm stranded (7 strands) conductor
  • Strip length 12mm
  • Maximum service temp. 105C.

Saving Time With Push Wire Connectors From Direct Trade Supplies

Value for money is demanded more than ever. Using time-saving devices such as push wire connectors means being able to move onto the next project that much faster - and makes the job currently in hand more efficient and therefore cost-productive.

Call us if our experts can be of assistance with more tips on reducing labour costs with time-saving devices such as push wire connectors. Our experts are happy to help - simply dial 01752 261211 to speak to an expert at Direct Trade Supplies UK.