HD Over Coax CCTV Cameras

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Hikvision Hitech Series 4 2MP Bullet Camera CCTV Kit
Code: T104Q-A/1T
EXCL. VAT: £199.98
INCL. VAT: £239.97
Hikvision HiWatch Series HD 1080p EXIR Bullet Camera
Code: THC-B120(2.8mm)
EXCL. VAT: £19.50
INCL. VAT: £23.40
Hikvision HiWatch Series HD 1080p IR Bullet Camera
Code: THC-B220-V(2.8-12mm)
EXCL. VAT: £41.00
INCL. VAT: £49.20
Showing 1 to 3 of 3 Products
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Save On Wholesale CCTV Cameras

In addition to carrying full CCTV kits, we stock individual CCTV cameras that can be used with your existing surveillance system to ensure the safety of your property. Whether you need something to fit your indoor or outdoor space, you won't have top shop around, as we carry a wide selection of best-selling models for both. 24-hour surveillance is crucial to ensuring the safety of your building and possessions, and our affordable array of CCTV cameras makes this a financially viable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Rely on quality imaging from the selection of CCTV cameras available at Direct Trade Supplies.

Find CCTV Cameras For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Finding the right CCTV cameras for your needs is important, as there are many factors to consider such as placement, time of use, and whether or not you want capabilities such as sound, zoom and license-plate recognition.

Luckily with our variety, you'll have no trouble selecting something that gets the job done right. Even when night falls and vandals and thieves are more likely to attempt disrupting your property, you can count on our selection of reliable CCTV cameras to capture everything on film clearly. At Direct Trade Supplies, we stock: 
  • Body cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Mini light cameras
  • Waterproof cameras
  • Brands such as Adata, G-Tec and Genie  
You can opt for large, easily visible body cameras that are obvious to intruders, or covert cameras that allow for discreet installation. Simple colours such as White or Black enable you to work these CCTV cameras into your existing décor and design too, making them a great choice for commercial, industrial and other business settings.

Install High Quality CCTV Cameras For All-Round Surveillance

If you're worried about vandalism or theft, or just want peace of mind knowing that your property is secure, CCTV cameras are an ideal, affordable solution. They come with strong, durable brackets for easy self-installation, so you can have complete control over where you place them to ensure you're getting the footage you want. Many models offer remote viewing, meaning you can watch the real-time images collected from your CCTV cameras on your mobile device.

If your property is located in an area prone to burglaries or trouble, you'll be pleased to know we offer vandal-proof, durable CCTV cameras that can handle tampering and capture high-resolution images in any weather conditions, day or night.