Dome CCTV Cameras

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Find Wholesale CCTV Dome Cameras For Less At Direct Trade Supplies

When it comes to outfitting your property with discreet, powerful cameras that provide excellent high res images, CCTV dome cameras are a wise choice.

These CCTV dome cameras are easy to install, and provide a wide range of coverage so you can always feel confident about the security of your property. The sleek profile of a dome camera is subtle and discreet, making it less obvious to intruders and vandals and therefore less susceptible to tampering. CCTV dome cameras provide clear, high definition footage that can prove important in the event of a break-in, property damage caused by weather or any other incident.

CCTV Dome Cameras Are A Simple Yet Effective Choice

These affordable cameras have the capability to zoom, as well as provide different fields of view and focus depending on your settings. Varifocal CCTV dome cameras offer coverage flexibility, so that you can you can always get the surveillance footage you want from a specific area, or at a specific distance.

At Direct Trade Supplies, you'll find the best selection of CCTV dome cameras online:
  • Choose from brands such as Adata, G-Tec, Genie and Kinetic
  • Enjoy a manufacturer warranty on CCTV dome cameras
  • Neutral colours like grey, black and white are subtle and easy to add to your building without drawing attention to them
  • Many models come in tough, vandal-proof materials such as steel and cast aluminium
Intuitive CCTV dome cameras feature technology that will adjust the video footage according to the lighting conditions, meaning you can enjoy clear images taken both during the day and night.

Save On Best-Selling Brand Name CCTV Dome Cameras

High-resolution images don't have to come with a high price tag, as we're proud to offer affordable surveillance solutions like CCTV dome cameras.

Your order will arrive complete with everything needed for installation, giving you complete control of where they're placed and what they capture. Plus with remote viewing, you can review all security footage from the comfort of home or on the go, so you never miss a beat when it comes to the security of your property. When it comes to finding reliable, weatherproof CCTV dome cameras for your business, look no further than the vast selection available at Direct Trade Supplies.