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Extensive Range of Electrical Plug Tops

Ask about our competitive prices for bulk orders of electrical plug tops, including our standard MK safety 13A electrical plug tops (white), fused and Timeguard plug-in range, as for 13A socket. This range provides pre-setting for lights, PIR devices and more, starting with basic slimline models for programmable light settings up to 7-day setting including individual day, every day, every weekday or weekend programme and on/off switch settings per week.

These electrical plug tops plug straight into the wall socket for instant digital control of all 13 amp (3kW) appliances and lamps. Make use of the random feature for setting lights so your home appears occupied even when you are not there.

Whatever Your Plug Tops Requirements, Check With Us First

Other models include our 4 Pole Flex Connector Plug and Socket, weatherproof, for flexible cables. Ideal for outdoor events, marquees, shows, and open air concerts. Don't forget safety must come first, so every electrician's kit should include a Martindale Buzz-IT Check Plug 13A Socket Tester (Blue). Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Instant results
  • Audible signal
  • Finds up to 28 faults
  • Drop-proof
  • 2-year warranty
Plugs for CCTV include the Adata range of jacks and sockets, including adaptors. BNCS/Jacks include non-crimp jacks, couplers and twist-on plugs.

Direct Trade Supplies UK Are Your Primary Plug Tops Stockists

We are one of the leading electrical trade suppliers in the south west, carrying a catalogue of thousands of electrical plug tops and other products to support your electrical installation business or meet your domestic needs. We endeavour to carry a full range of stock and to fulfil next-day delivery. If we can't meet your order or you are seeking out a special item, call us on 01752 261211 and ask if we can help.

We source top quality items from all over the EU to provide you with the best in design, functionality, flexibility and choice across a range of price points. Do you have a large order for plugs and plug-in items? Call us and ask about a discount.