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Quality Conduit Cutters From Direct Trade Supplies

Quality conduit cutters should allow the professional to simply score and snap the conduit, leaving a nearly burr-free cut. A variety of branded products allow for this thanks to their patented cutting wheel, such as the Greenlee Conduit Cutter for example, which features a replaceable cutter wheel that delivers amazingly clean cuts and does away with the need to deburr the conduit afterwards. The cutting wheel doesn't actually penetrate conduit walls; therefore the conduit cutter can be used safely on conduit where wire has already been installed.

Conduit cutters like this one are GSA approved. Their length fully open is 8-1/4" (210 mm) and fully closed to 7" (178 mm). Their cutting capacity is suitable for 1/2" and 3/4" diameter EMT electrical conduit.

PVC Conduit Cutters And Ratchet-Action Cutters

We stock also quality conduit cutters such as the Adaptacut 20mm & 25mm PVC conduit cutters  From Adaptaflex, which assist in reducing time spent on installation of rigid and flexible conduit systems. These are specially engineered and designed for easy cutting of flexible nylon and rigid PVC conduit, making them an essential tool for any electrician or installation engineer.

These conduit cutters feature a unique finer guard to prevent injury or risk to the user and they fit directly around the conduit pipe, a great feature for those moments when working in narrow or confined spaces. The tool will produce an effortless and clean cut in just 1-2 simple rotations without damaging the conduit.

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Ratchet action reduces pressure required on the handles, making it an easier job to cut. Our heavy-duty, 220mm Ratchet-action cutters for PVC conduit pipes and electrical sleeving are supplied with an adaptor for cutting rectangular trunking and feature a razor sharp, stainless steel blade. Made from aluminium the body has a comfortable handle design and a cutting capacity of 32mm diameter.

Our experts are at hand to answer any questions you might have about the most suitable conduit cutters for the job you have to do. Call us on 01752 261211 for more information on our range of conduit cutters.