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Carlo Gavazzi Din Mounting Timer (White)
Code: DMB51CM24
EXCL. VAT: £36.16
INCL. VAT: £43.39
ESP Panel 72x72 Mm
Code: 16621
EXCL. VAT: £39.68
INCL. VAT: £47.62
ESP Panel 72x72 Mm
Code: 16622
EXCL. VAT: £35.04
INCL. VAT: £42.05
ESP Panel 72x72 Mm
Code: 16921
EXCL. VAT: £41.68
INCL. VAT: £50.02
ESP Panel 72x72 Mm
Code: 16922
EXCL. VAT: £35.66
INCL. VAT: £42.79
Showing 1 to 5 of 5 Products
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Din Mount Timers For Controlled Configuration

Direct Trade Supplies has a range of DIN rail mounted timers to cover all installation configurations. The professional choose from top brand names such as Moeller, Timeguard and Hortsmann for din rail mount control systems.

Check out our full range to find the level of control precision in din rail mounted timers you require. The models we offer include Moeller PKZM0-10 and PKZM0-16, motor protective circuit breakers, 380V, 32A current rating, 3 pole.  In staircase switches we hold a range of Timeguard, including model ELPA7 which has electronic time-delay for greater switching accuracy and a sliding switch for continuous light. Its capacity allows up to 2300W of incandescent, 400VA fluorescent or 140W of L.E. lighting. The push button input enables electronic overload protection to a max 150 mA incandescent lamp load. Timeguard model ELPA8 has an adjustable 'ON' time from 1 to 7 minutes in 15 second steps or a permanent 'ON' switch. Its capacity is up to 2300W of incandescent or 1300VA fluorescent lighting.

Wide Functionality In Din Mount Timers From Direct Trade Supplies UK

For din rail mounted timers with the capability to exploit off-peak heating tariffs, the Hortsmann Electronic 7 Timer is compatible with tariffs calibrated to keep Greenwich Mean Time and with those that vary with British Summer Time. It allows up to three secure off-peak heating periods every 24 hours; to make maximum use of electricity when prices are cheaper. Product code: E7QD. All models quoted above come in white.

Professional Advice On Din Rail Mounted Timers From Direct Trade Supplies UK

Ask our experts which model of circuit breaker or timer/controller is most suitable for din rail mount or within equipment racks and we'll be pleased to help. Order online or call us up for a friendly chat. The models described above provide examples of the models and flexibility of choice we can offer, so remember to browse our site for the complete range.

As one of the most comprehensive electrical trade suppliers in the south west, we aim to meet the demands of our customers for the parts they require for any installation. We buy from quality manufacturers and all products in our catalogue meet EU safety standards.