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Timeguard 1 Channel 7 Day Digital Programmer (White)
Code: TRT034
EXCL. VAT: £27.84
INCL. VAT: £33.41
Timeguard 24 Hour Compact Timeswitch (White)
Code: NTT02
EXCL. VAT: £17.38
INCL. VAT: £20.86
Timeguard 24HR/7 Day/random 16A Electronic Timeswitch White
Code: TR635TOP2
EXCL. VAT: £101.07
INCL. VAT: £121.28
Timeguard 7 Day 4 Channel Digital Heating Programmer (White)
Code: TRT039N
EXCL. VAT: £110.40
INCL. VAT: £132.48
Timeguard Economy 7 Digital Timeswitch with Boost Control (White)
Code: TRTD7N
EXCL. VAT: £44.98
INCL. VAT: £53.98
Timeguard Wireless 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat (White)
Code: TRT037N
EXCL. VAT: £61.85
INCL. VAT: £74.22
Showing 1 to 6 of 6 Products
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Get High Quality Heating Programmers For Less

Stay in control of the heating costs in your commercial building with the aid of heating programmers available at Direct Trade Supplies. We stock a number of models that are suitable for use in a number of buildings, and come with user-intuitive technology to make it easier than ever to control the temperature of the air and water in your vicinity.

Heating programmers allow you to set your heating to be on 24 hours, during the day or to turn on and off automatically during set time periods.  We carry a number of products suitable for use in establishments ranging from factories and warehouses to hotels, restaurants, offices, retail establishments and much more.

Control The Air And Water Temperature With Heating Programmers

Many businesses can find themselves paying more than they need to for heating, something that can be avoided with the help of heating programmers. You can set the timer to ensure the heating is only on during peak hours and in certain months, and the same goes for the water in your establishment. In fact, some heating programmers come with a hot water boost setting for use when you need to quickly warm up the water but don't want to have your water heater in operating for hours to do so.
  • Find Heating Programmers from brands such as Horstmann, Timeguard and more
  • Sleek, white modern-looking heating programmers work with your contemporary décor
  • Some products come with a five year warranty
Multi-channel models can be used to control a number of heating systems throughout your building, ideal for large vicinities that require different temperature levels throughout or have many independent heating systems such as flats and hotels. Back-up batteries ensure your heating programmer stays working even if the power goes down at the mains too, so you can always count on your heating in the event of a power cut.

Save On Heating Programmers With Direct Trade Supplies

Heating programmers are inexpensive and simple to install, and come with luminescent screens that make it easy to read the display at any time of day. Whether your building has one single connected heating system or many, heating programmers are the simple way to make sure you're only using the power you need to, so you can lower both your Co2 emissions and operating bills.