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C Tec Quantec infrared/radio transmitter (push for attack/pull for attack)
Code: QT412RXA
EXCL. VAT: £74.88
INCL. VAT: £89.86
C Tec Rechargeable IR/RF Transmitter (push for call, pull for attack)
Code: QT412RXCA
EXCL. VAT: £64.68
INCL. VAT: £77.62
C-Tec Quantec Large Corridor Display (Black)
Code: QT608CD1S
EXCL. VAT: £815.00
INCL. VAT: £977.99
Showing 1 to 3 of 3 Products
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More Information
C-Tec has been one of the top providers of fire and safety alarms for over thirty years. 

Founded in 1981, C-Tec manufactures technologically-advanced solutions that quickly detect the outbreak of fire and raise the alarm. With user-friendly products, you can install C-Tec alarms throughout your business or personal residence quickly and easily. At Direct Trade Supplies, you'll find a selection of C-Tec products at affordable prices, making it simple to find you need to implement a comprehensive fire safety system in your building. 

Install C-Tec alarms in residential, commercial or industrial buildings

Having a fire safety alarm system in your corporate office, personal home or indeed in any other building is of paramount importance. 

You'll find everything you need to put one in place from C-Tec, and these products are simple to install so you can be up and running in minutes. Get high performance products at a price point you can afford when you shop for C-Tec products online at Direct Trade Supplies: 
  • Find a selection of easy-to-use fire alarm control panels and LED indicators 
  • Products with an intuitive user interface are easy to programme 
  • Be instantly notified if there is smoke or flame detected anywhere throughout your building 
  • Enjoy products with smart features like programmable delays and auto reset 
Multi-zone products enable you to fit one system to service a single large building, ideal for placements in settings like factories, hotels or warehouses. And thanks to industry-leading technology from C-Tec, you'll be able to see where the alarm has been activated, making it easy to respond quickly and efficiently. 

Save on C-Tec alarms with Direct Trade Supplies 

When you invest in a C-Tec product, you're buying fire safety alarm that will perform to a high standard of quality throughout its lifetime. 

Invest in products from this independent manufacturer for less when you buy online with Direct Trade Supplies, and save on the shipping costs when you spend £50 or more. If you're looking to purchase multiple systems, we can potentially provide further discounts on large orders, too. Buying the best doesn't necessarily have to mean paying more. To find out more about how Direct Trade Supplies can help you save on C-Tec Fire Safety solutions, contact us today on 01752 261211.