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Light your home or place of work with attractive, practical lighting from CED. For over fifteen years, CED has been at the forefront of developing affordable, versatile lighting solutions for a wide range of applications. After starting out with a handful of products, this manufacturer has grown to produce over 5,000 product lines, many of which are now available online at Direct Trade Supplies.

CED Lights blend practicality with design 

CED lights are designed with functionality and design in mind. These easy-to-fit lights feature smart technology such as motion-activated lighting that mitigates energy wastage, or emergency lights that will provide up to three hours of illumination in the event of a power failure at the mains. 

The products are designed to provide even illumination indoors or out, and with large bulkheads or spot lighting available, you have control over the look and feel created with this lighting. 
  • Shop for large bulkheads suitable for everyday applications, motion sensor products and more 
  • Choose CED lights that emit either cool or warm light 
  • 5W, 14W or 16W lights available 
  • IP60 rated lights can be used in exterior installations 
The stylish and simple white finishes make these lights an attractive addition to any room. But aside from looking great, the smart technology makes them an energy efficient option that can beam up to 1,000 lumens using just 14W. As easy on the eyes as it is on your energy consumption and wallet, a light from CED is a smart choice. 

Save on CED bulkhead lighting with Direct Trade Supplies

Lighting products from CED are highly efficient and affordable. What's more, when you spend just £50 on CED lights available at Direct Trade Supplies, you can qualify for free shipping. 

You don't have to be a tradesman to enjoy inside trade pricing. With Direct Trade Supplies, it's easy to shop quality product lines from renowned manufacturers without having to pay the high price tag. To find out more about how we can help you save on your lighting requirements, call us today on 01752 261211.

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