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Eterna 20W Led Floodlight 4000K (Black)
Code: FLD20BK
EXCL. VAT: £19.16
INCL. VAT: £22.99
Eterna Black Full Circular Trim Chameleon (Black)
EXCL. VAT: £6.52
INCL. VAT: £7.82
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When you need products to light your industrial or commercial space, look to the line of lighting solutions from Eterna.

A leading manufacturer of practical utility lighting, Eterna has been at the forefront of developing solutions to light indoor and outdoor spaces for many years. At Direct Trade Supplies, we're proud to provide an extensive selection of Eterna products at low prices, helping you get the products you need for your workspace.

Brighten up your indoor and outdoor space with Eterna lighting

Eterna products help you light your interior space with bright, even illumination, while outdoor lighting is idea for a wide range of installations.

Vandal resistant products can be placed to light up secured areas or in locales with a high crime rate. The dusk to dawn design means these lights will automatically come on throughout the night to ensure constant illumination, and shut off when enough natural light permits to reduce energy wastage and operating costs.
  • Shop for Eterna flood lights, bulkheads and emergency lighting
  • Lighting available in 3W-23W models
  • IP20, IP44 and IP65 lighting available
  • Choose lights that emit cool or warm light
Lights are available in solid black or white colours, making them easy to integrate into your existing building design. For reliable output and high performance without the costly price tag, invest in long lasting Eterna lighting available at Direct Trade Supplies.

Buy Eterna products for less with Direct Trade Supplies

When it comes to keeping your property perimeter secure, lighting plays an integral role.

Not only does it act as a deterrent for criminal activity, it also provides illumination so that CCTV images are made clearer. If you own a property that needs protection, implementing trustworthy, performance-oriented outdoor lights from Eterna is the smart solution.

When you buy in bulk, at Direct Trade Supplies, we can offer further discounts to help you save even more on your lighting needs. To find out about these and other shopping benefits, contact a member of our team today on 01752 261211.