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Save On First-Rate CCTV DVRs At Direct Trade Supplies

When it comes to safely and accurately recording CCTV footage, the selection of CCTV DVRs available at Direct Trade Supplies has you covered. Easy to use, our array of CCTV DVRs features models that have multiple channel inputs and simultaneous playback capabilities, making them a great choice regardless if you have just a couple of security camera on your property, or dozens.

You may not always be able to be on site, and even when you are, having an accurate idea of what's going on in all areas of your building both inside and out is impossible without the assistance of CCTV. With CCTV DVRs, you can record and replay footage from anywhere in your building, giving you complete peace of mind and control over how and when you watch your surveillance.

Record Multiple Channels At Once With CCTV DVRs

With CCTV DVRs, you can record footage from a number of different cameras at once, so you are able to have a clear idea of what's going on throughout your property. If you want to be able to watch the footage on a large-scale monitor or computer, we stock CCTV DVRs with VGA and BNC capabilities to allow you to connect your recording device quickly and easily.
  • Models available from best-selling brands like Adata, ESP, G-Tec, Genie
  • Record 4, 8 or 16 channels simultaneously
  • Many CCTV DVRs allow for easy back-up to USB and external hard drives
The user-intuitive design makes installation and operation easy, so you can get up and running in no time. We understand that when it comes to the security of your premises, taking the adequate steps are important, but they don't necessarily have to be expensive. That's why we carry models that span across a wide price range, so you don't have to break the bank to protect your property.

CCTV DVRs Give You Control Over Video Playback

Some digital video recorders allow smartphone access, so you're able to view the footage while you're on the go. Remote viewing enables you to see what's happening at all times, so you can feel confident that things are OK on your business premises, and act swiftly if they are not. There are many reasons you may need to record your security feeds, whether it's after a break in has recently occurred, you suspect disruption or nuisance on the property overnight, or you are worried about potential damage from a weather front coming in. Whatever the reason, CCTV DVRs make it easy to "set and forget” for your specified recording period, and remote viewing makes it simple to review the footage.

For first-rate technology, unbeatable prices and a wide selection of brands to choose from, entrust your CCTV DVR needs to Direct Trade Supplies, the electrical wholesale specialists.