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When you need alarms that can quickly detect the outbreak of fire, you need sounder base alarms from Fyreye.

You'll find a selection of Fyreye products available in the array of fire safety products online at Direct Trade Supplies. These innovative optical detectors blend noise with flashing lights to grab attention quickly, ideal for use anywhere from schools to care homes, hospitals, retail establishments and anywhere in between.

Fyreye alarms react quickly to the outbreak of fire

In the event of a fire, early detection is critical to mitigate the damage and save lives.

With Fyreye products, you'll be alerted quickly to any detection of smoke, heat or flame with loud, powerful alarms. These products combine flashing LED lights with tones to raise awareness quickly, and are sensitive enough to pick up signs of a fire as they start. When you need quality you can rely on, Fyreye products are the perfect choice. Shop our selection today:
  • Browse the Fyreye sounder and flasher base alarms
  • Shop for IP43 rated products
  • Program the alarms using the number of different tones available
  • Alarms available under warranty
Selectable tones give you the option of choosing something that will stand out and not be confused with any other systems that may already be installed, giving you the option to customise your fire safety plans with Fryeye alarms.

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