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Since 2002, G-Tec has been one of the UK's top manufacturers of CCTV products, and you can shop the selection of cameras, monitors and accessories today at Direct Trade Supplies.
High-performance products capture high-resolution images, giving you complete control over the surveillance of your property's interior and exterior. We carry the line of G-Tec technologically-advanced cameras, as well as recording and playback devices to provide you with the tools to build a complete surveillance system you can rely on.

Get all-encompassing security solutions from G-Tec

For over twenty years, G-Tec has been manufacturing smart solutions to help UK businesses protect their premises.

The products are simple to navigate from an end-user's perspective, but are made with some of the smartest technology available to ensure the best possible performance in any weather conditions, day or night. Shop for bullet cameras, or more discreet dome models that can be quickly and easily installed. The many different settings means you can select the areas you'd like covered and the type of footage you want captured. Then to play it back, there are large-screen monitors with built-in BNC output that make it easy to review your footage. And with purpose-built DVRs, you can record the footage captured as well.

Shop the line of G-Tec products today:
  • Find multi-channel DVRs, CCTV cameras, monitors and accessories
  • Additional functions like motion detection and noise cancellation available
  • Many products available under manufacturer warranty
Cameras made with infrared technology capture crystal clear images, even after dark. For an all-inclusive solution, there are cameras available that automatically adjust the image capturing to suit the natural lighting conditions, so you can get quality surveillance both day and night.

Get free shipping when you spend £50 On G-Tec with Direct Trade Supplies

At Direct Trade Supplies, we make it easy to shop for all the G-Tec solutions you need at one low price.

We offer free shipping on orders over £50 to any UK address, and when you purchase large bulk orders, there's the potential for even further discounts. If you need quality CCTV solutions at low prices, you'll get the best of both with G-Tec products available at Direct Trade Supplies. To learn more about the products available from this manufacturer or to place your order today, calls 01752 261211.