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Hochiki has been manufacturing fire detection and prevention solutions for over eighty years.

This experience and passion for continual product development has rendered this one of the leading manufacturers in the field, and you can find an extensive selection of Hochiki electrical goods at Direct Trade Supplies. Whether you have a commercial property to protect or need a smoke alarm for your family home, you'll find products to tackle the job in amongst the Hochiki range.

Get the best of past experience and forward thinking from Hochiki

Hochiki products utilise smart sensory technology for the fast and accurate detection of smoke and flame.

Mounting bases are quick to install, and once wired up can provide you with protection you can rely on. Shop the range of Hochiki products available at Direct Trade Supplies today:
  • Find products that detect heat and smoke
  • Simple white colours and low profile designs provide inconspicuous protection
  • Technologically-advanced fire detection solutions are easy to install
Hochiki was among the first to create photoelectric smoke detectors, which utilises LED technology for the fast and accurate detection of smoke. Virtually every product in this line is made with cutting-edge technology that picks up the signals of fire quicker, while reducing the risk of false alarms.

Find Hochiki fire safety solutions for less

When it comes to carbon monoxide and fire, you need first-rate technology that will raise the alarm sooner rather than later to protect the lives of everyone in the premises, as well as the property and it's contents.

With Hochiki, you can feel confident knowing that years of innovation have gone into developing these advanced alarms, and that you can count on them to provide the best line of defence. The user-friendly design makes it easy to get up and running quickly, and each alarm is made out of durable material to give them a long shelf life.
When you spend £50 or more on Hochiki fire safety products, you can save the shipping costs as we'll charge you absolutely nothing for delivery. Furthermore, we can offer further discounts on large bulk orders, making us the smart vendor for electricians or contractors. Even if you are not a professional tradesman, you can still benefit from having Hochiki products fitted into your place of work or in your home. To find out more, talk to us today by phoning 01752 261211.