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If you have a property to protect, you need Kinetic CCTV cameras. 

These covert powerful cameras are made with the latest technology to provide clear images in any weather conditions outside or indoors, day or night. Boasting over twenty years of experience in the manufacture of closed circuit television products, Kinetic is one of the most trusted brands in the UK. You can find a number of CCTV cameras in the selection online at Direct Trade Supplies, and invest in security solutions that work for residential, commercial and industrial surveillance purposes. 

Get versatile performance from Kinetic CCTV products 

Fit Kinetic CCTV cameras indoors or out, and enjoy high-resolution imaging 24/7. 

Products from Kinetic enable you to capture CCTV images clearly, featuring a number of built-in features such as mirror imaging and digital slow shuttering (DSS) that provide a high quality shot every time. In the line of Kinetic products available at Direct Trade Supplies, you'll find: 
  • Compact CCTV dome cameras 
  • Cameras with IP65 rating are suited to outdoor use 
  • Vandal resistant design is built tough withstand tampering 
  • Brushed aluminium finish is both smart and durable 
Products like the Kinetic Sony Ultra Low Light CCTV camera offer a high 580TVL resolution that ensures images are sharp, crisp and clear, regardless of the weather and lighting conditions. Thanks to the small dome design, this camera can be mounted in a number of rooms discreetly for covert surveillance.

Get Kinetic CCTV cameras for less with Direct Trade Supplies 

Make sure you never miss a moment with reliable CCTV solutions from Kinetic, available at Direct Trade Supplies. 

When it comes to protecting your property and contents, only the best will do, which is why we're proud to carry industry-leading Kinetic products that provide quality surveillance you can count on. Kinetic products are the result of extensive research and development, and you can have every faith that these small yet powerful cameras will play an integral role in keeping your premises safe.
When you spend over £50 on Kinetic cameras, you qualify for free shipping, and we'll make sure your order is dispatched quickly to your mainland UK address. To learn more about the range of Kinetic CCTV cameras or to place your order today, contact Direct Trade Supplies on 01752 261211.