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Manrose Standard 4 Inch Inline Shower Fan Kit (White)
Code: S100AFSK
EXCL. VAT: £17.99
INCL. VAT: £21.59
Manrose 4 Inch Extractor Fan with Timer Over Run (White)
Code: ECF100T
EXCL. VAT: £13.85
INCL. VAT: £16.62
Manrose 4 Inch Axial Fan with Pull Cord (White)
Code: S100AFP
EXCL. VAT: £9.99
INCL. VAT: £11.99
Manrose In-Line Extractor Fan with Timer and Bracket (White)
Code: CFD200T
EXCL. VAT: £49.99
INCL. VAT: £59.99
Manrose 4 Inch In-Line Shower Fan with Timer Kit (White)
Code: VSF100T
EXCL. VAT: £18.75
INCL. VAT: £22.50
Manrose RT Deco 4
Code: DECO100TC
EXCL. VAT: £32.93
INCL. VAT: £39.52
Manrose Centrifugal Fan with Humidistat and Timer (White)
Code: CF200H
EXCL. VAT: £91.32
INCL. VAT: £109.58
Manrose Centrifugal Fan with Timer (White)
Code: CF200T
EXCL. VAT: £35.45
INCL. VAT: £42.54
Manrose 4 Inch In-Line Standard Shower Fan Kit (White)
Code: VSF100S
EXCL. VAT: £49.19
INCL. VAT: £59.03
Showing 1 to 10 of 10 Products
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More Information
Find professional-grade extractor fans and ventilation systems from Manrose, available at Direct Trade Supplies. 

Whether you need to install fans into a commercial or residential kitchen or bathroom, there are products fit for purpose in the line from this leading brand name. This Reading-based company has been supplying the UK market with innovative, effective products for decades, and now it's easy to shop the variety of Manrose extractor fans to find something perfect for your intended use. 

Manrose fans are the product of continual research and development 

Ventilation systems may be a perfunctory part of every building, but that doesn't mean they should be unimaginative. 

Manrose has taken the extra steps to design quiet, sleek and powerful fans that offer the best performance without the interruption. Low profile extractor fans are ideal for providing excellent yet discreet placement in residential or small kitchens, and come in a number of attractive finishes so as not to clash with your décor. Browse the selection of Manrose fans available online at Direct Trade Supplies today: 
  • Shop for pull-cord, remote or switch operated extractor fans 
  • Find fans fit for use in showers/wet rooms as well as kitchens 
  • Choose fans in attractive finishes like chrome or white 
  • Small 4 inch fan size makes them an unobtrusive addition to any room
All Manrose fan products are developed to comply with the 1995 regulations pertaining to building ventilation, so you can be sure you're getting the best performance as well as technology. The easy-to-install designs allow for easy wall or recessed mounting, so you can place your fan wherever it is going to be most effective. All products are designed using high-quality materials too, such as ABS thermoplastics that can stand up to wear and tear associated with continual use. 

Save on Manrose when you buy with Direct Trade Supplies 

Manrose has been manufacturing cost-effective, energy-efficient and versatile ventilation systems for over 25 years. 

With Direct Trade Supplies, it's easier than ever to get your hands on quality products you can count on. Simply shop the selection, choose the items that best fit your needs, and we'll ship them to you quickly for your convenience. And when you spend over £50 on Manrose ventilation solutions, you won't have to pay anything for shipping. To find out more about ordering professional trade products at low prices, contact Direct Trade Supplies today on 01752 261211.