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Robus R180-04 Motion Detector 180D PIR (Black)
Code: R180-04
EXCL. VAT: £9.98
INCL. VAT: £11.98
Robus CCLIP Spare Ceiling Clip for Recessed Fitting (Silver)
EXCL. VAT: £0.38
INCL. VAT: £0.46
Robus R10FSA-24 10W Signage Arm for LED Flood Lights (Grey)
Code: R10FSA-24
EXCL. VAT: £13.88
INCL. VAT: £16.66
Robus R8MLEDDE Double Sided Exit Box Accessory (Green)
EXCL. VAT: £16.62
INCL. VAT: £19.94
Robus R180-01 Motion Detector 180D PIR (White)
Code: R180-01
EXCL. VAT: £9.13
INCL. VAT: £10.96
Robus R100LEDRET Golf 10W Smd Led Retrofit Tray
EXCL. VAT: £19.00
INCL. VAT: £22.80
Robus R888GZ-01 Acorn Spotlight (White)
Code: R888GZ-01
EXCL. VAT: £7.91
INCL. VAT: £9.49
Robus RLSTR250LEAD Spear Link Lead 250MM
EXCL. VAT: £1.34
INCL. VAT: £1.61
Robus RVA67RGB-C Vegas Easy Clip Connector For 12v/24v Rgb Ip67/strip-to-strip (White)
EXCL. VAT: £0.83
INCL. VAT: £1.00
Showing 1 to 40 of 523 Products
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More Information
If quality and stylish modern lighting is what your property or business needs, then you should look no further than these great lighting supplies from Robus! We have a huge variety of professionally endorsed and high quality products from the electrical brand, ideal for use in home, outdoor and working environments.

There are a whole host of fantastic lighting supplies for all purposes, including fittings, lamps, connectors and accessories. All are ideal for use by professional electricians and property owners looking to upgrade or install quality lighting that offers both style and substance.

Get The Right Supplies For The Job With Robus

Robus lighting supplies are by far some of the most highly recommended on the market, and are used by all professional electricians looking to not just add quality to a property's lighting, but also plenty of modern and unique style. Robus lighting combines practicality and the client's desire for flair that gives residential and working locations a touch of personality. Whether you're an electrical firm looking for the perfect materials, a business owner looking for efficient and modern lights, or a homeowner wanting to add a few extra zeroes to your property's value, Robus is the brand that should first enter your head when considering renovating lighting installations.

There's a huge variety of different products to select from within our range of Robus lighting supplies to allow customers to redefine their lighting from the ground up. As well as the technical basics for electricians such as connectors and cables, there are also plenty of fittings, lamps and a choice of different lights, including LED and various other bulbs of all sizes and brightness. All products are made from the finest materials and offer customers the freedom of choice when it comes to picking the style that best suits their client's needs or personal requirements for business or home. This includes many attractive, modern light fittings and lamps, including coloured lights that can really add personality to a property's value.

Combine Quality Lighting With Modern Style Using Robus Supplies

  • High Quality Lighting Supplies From Robus
  • Huge Variety Of Goods Including Lights, Fittings, Connectors & Electrics
  • Ideal For Interior & Outdoor Home, Business & Professional Use
So if you need quality all-purpose lighting supplies that blend modern style with practicality and efficiency, then Robus is your best bet. There are a great range of products to suit the needs of businesses and homeowners, and with Robus you're getting some of the very best lighting goods on the market. Choose Robus products when it comes to giving your lighting a touch of class as well as guaranteed quality.