Keypad Door Locks

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RGL KP50 Heavy Duty Keypad
Code: KP50
EXCL. VAT: £71.86
INCL. VAT: £86.23
Deedlock Access Control Waterproof Keypad IP68
Code: APX-16
EXCL. VAT: £59.90
INCL. VAT: £71.88
RGL KP1000 Anti-Vandal Keypad
Code: KP1000
EXCL. VAT: £50.30
INCL. VAT: £60.36
Deedlock Door Entry Keypad (Silver)
Code: APX-14
EXCL. VAT: £39.99
INCL. VAT: £47.99
CDVI Access Control Standalone 100 User Keypad (Stainless Steel)
Code: CBB
EXCL. VAT: £164.99
INCL. VAT: £197.99
RGL KPX1000 Anti-Vandal Keypad With Proximity
Code: KPX1000
EXCL. VAT: £61.57
INCL. VAT: £73.88
100 User - Self Contained Rugged Backlit Keypad, 2 Relay
Code: DGA
EXCL. VAT: £144.99
INCL. VAT: £173.99
Galeo Backlit Keypad For 100 Users, IP64, Cast Aluminium
EXCL. VAT: £92.50
INCL. VAT: £111.00
Showing 1 to 11 of 11 Products
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Door security is integral to providing peace of mind for any building owner, and implementing keypad door locks will go a long way to securing the perfect fixture for your property. Whether it is security for your entrance doors at home or you require a security lock for your office, a keypad door lock will not only offer simplicity for exit and entrance, but they will guarantee a safe preservation of all the components and people inside.

Direct Trade Supplies allows anyone to improve their building security, with various different keypad door locks available, all ensuring the safeguarding of your property and the things inside. Making up the selection are well established and top quality security manufacturers who specialise in door access control systems. Within this range you can find the ideal combination lock for you; from digital and electronic door locks hosting advanced features or a lock that requires minimal maintenance and little effort to set up.


Applying push button locks for your doors enables a no fuss entrance and exit system. Owning a keyless door lock will not only save you time but more importantly it will guarantee a robust and clever door locking system. These door accessories are a must have for any business owner or company with valuable goods enclosed. Or alternatively, properties that require that added bit of security such as flats or buildings with various inhabitants.

These standalone security solutions fasten your doors using an efficient and simple combination lock. This can be a numerical combination of your desired choice with the opportunity to adjust at any time. You will no longer have to carry keys or swipe cards to enter your building, simply tap in your combination password and you are in. Many of the door security locks available come in stylish models which offer aesthetic qualities as well as a functional sanctuary.


Door access security systems will allow you to personalise your building security. It will make your life a lot easier knowing only you and those delegated with the pass phrase are able to enter your property. Keypad door locks are an essential piece of security kit and with Direct Trade Supplies you are protected with only the best locks on the market.

So if you are considering a digital door lock for you home or office look no further. Every door security system has been quality assessed for perfect performance, no matter what the situation or scenario. Be rid of the keys, and leave the building safe in the knowledge that your doors are appropriately secured.