Standard Access Control

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CDVI 300KG Surface Magnetic Lock (Stainless Steel)
Code: S300M
EXCL. VAT: £52.00
INCL. VAT: £62.40
CDVI 500KG Surface Magnetic Lock (Stainless Steel)
EXCL. VAT: £65.90
INCL. VAT: £79.08
RGL External Standard Magnet
EXCL. VAT: £45.00
INCL. VAT: £54.00
RGL Mini Magnetic Lock
Code: ML600
EXCL. VAT: £19.90
INCL. VAT: £23.88
RGL Mini Magnetic Lock MONITORED
Code: ML600-M
EXCL. VAT: £22.22
INCL. VAT: £26.66
RGL Standard Magnet 1200lbs
Code: ML1200
EXCL. VAT: £47.08
INCL. VAT: £56.50
Securefast Deedlock AKT4226 Single Door Keypad Kit (White)
Code: AKT4226
EXCL. VAT: £110.00
INCL. VAT: £132.00
Securefast Surface Armature Plate Housing (Aluminium)
Code: AEMBR018
EXCL. VAT: £12.50
INCL. VAT: £15.00
Showing 1 to 21 of 21 Products
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More Information
If you want a very secure and quick method to keeping a door behind you locked then adopting standard access control will be a wise move. These standard locks and access points have been a popular and reliable fixture for many years, taken for granted by those exit and entering everyday but extremely important to the way a building is run.

Most of our standard access control devices are based on electromagnetic lock systems. These are commonly set up with brackets but partial to advancing further, electromagnetic access systems come in many different forms. From the standard single armature plate and electromagnet, to bigger and more meaningful constructions used within busy and heavily populated areas with the ability to function with a swinging mechanism.


The main attraction about buying an electromagnetic access control system is its reliability and no fuss maintenance. It is very easy to install requiring no interconnecting parts, relying on the super quick fail safe or fail secure electromagnetic set up. Electric locks are designed for two modes, the fail safe option for the protection of people, where the lock is released if the power shuts down, or the fail secure setting, to protect the building with a lock that remains closed if the power cuts off.
However, for fire safety and emergency scenarios it is normally always used in a fail safe mode. This is why electromagnetic door lock systems remain a popular implementation to care homes, schools and other busy populated arenas. Whether it is electromagnetic door holders or other standard building access control such as the more elaborate ESP BDEYE device, Direct Trade Supplies can provide you with at least one thing that will improve your building security and function.


Direct Trade Supplies deals with only the best standard control systems on the market. Every product within our access control range has been quality assessed and had its capabilities professional tested before release. Many are household names within the door security world, known as reliable sources for your personal or commercial needs.

Worthwhile manufacturer check list if you’re considering buying door entry systems or you wish to improve your security:
•    CDVI
•    Deedlock
•    Securefast
•    Videx