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Hikvision DS-7316HQHI-F4/N 16ch HD-TVI DVR
Code: DS-7316HQHI-F4/N
Hikvision DS-7332HGHI-SH 32ch HD-TVI DVR
Code: DS-7332HGHI-SH
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16 Channel DVRs Are Ideal For Use With Large Security Systems

If you have a large security system with many cameras, you may find yourself struggling to keep track of all the footage. Top of the range 16 channel DVRs are powerful devices that give you complete control when it comes to reviewing security recordings. Whether you're looking for something specific after a break-in or incident, or you just want to be sure of the goings on across the property, 16 channel DVRs are ideal.

Save On 16 Channel DVRs With Direct Trade Supplies

If you have a large premises such as a warehouse, factory or manufacturing plant, it could be particularly at risk of damage or theft. If you store any stock outside or have a large fleet of vehicles, these need added protection and surveillance. 16 channel DVRs enable you to get a close look at the footage captured on these cameras at a time and in a way that's convenient for you, and the password protection feature ensures that only you and selected users can access this footage.

When you shop the selection of 16 channel DVRs online at Direct Trade Supplies, you'll find:
  • Brands such as Adata, G-Tec or Genie
  • A number of models providing remote viewing for footage review on-the-go
  • Easy recording and playback options for both indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras
16 channel DVRs connect to a computer or television monitor through a VGA/USB cord, and you can watch your security footage on a large screen that enables you to catch every detail.

Find A Wide Selection Of 16 Channel DVRs Online

Configure your 16 channel DVRs to your CCTV security system, and use the intuitive software to either press and record or begin recording during a certain time frame depending on your schedule. If you aren't present on site in the event of a disturbance or incident, you can still see exactly what happened with the help of 16 channel DVRs. You'll never miss a frame, and when used in conjunction with our high-resolution security cameras, you can see every detail thanks to crystal clear images.  

We offer more than just unbeatable prices at Direct Trade Supplies - we provide excellent customer service, too. We'll ship your DVR to you quickly, and if you're buying multiple recorders, there is the opportunity for further savings. Shop today, and give your CCTV system the very best playback support with 16 channel DVRs.