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Apollo Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector (White)
EXCL. VAT: £11.28
INCL. VAT: £13.54
Apollo Mini Disc Remote Indicator (White)
EXCL. VAT: £4.57
INCL. VAT: £5.48
Apollo Series 65 BR Rate of Rise Heat Detector (White)
EXCL. VAT: £11.28
INCL. VAT: £13.54
Apollo Series 65 Diode Detector Base (White)
EXCL. VAT: £2.25
INCL. VAT: £2.70
Apollo Series 65 Standard Relay Base (White)
EXCL. VAT: £11.60
INCL. VAT: £13.92
Apollo AlarmSense Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator
EXCL. VAT: £34.63
INCL. VAT: £41.56
Apollo Series 65 Auxiliary Relay Base (White)
EXCL. VAT: £11.60
INCL. VAT: £13.92
Apollo Series 65 End-of-line Relay Base 24V (White)
EXCL. VAT: £15.11
INCL. VAT: £18.13
Apollo Alarmsense Open Area Sounder - Red
EXCL. VAT: £30.24
INCL. VAT: £36.29
Showing 1 to 12 of 12 Products
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More Information
Installing the correct fire safety equipment into your home or business is highly important and massively desirable; with our Apollo conventional detectors you can get one step closer to your fire safe haven. The Apollo fire safety brand specialise in top quality equipment, from alarms to intelligent smoke and heat detectors.
You now have the opportunity to buy a number of conventional detectors by Apollo. Our detectors will guarantee that your fire safety systems are firm in place and ready to perform when called upon. All our detectors have the ability to detect heat or smoke arising in the building. They are important devices for both commercial and domestic situations.


Direct Trade Supplies stock a wide range of fire detectors and alarms. Our range of Apollo conventional detectors come in completed forms, to individual bases and switch monitors which may be beneficial to any modifications needed on your existing sets. All these fire safety accessories will remain a vital component to how you maintain the well-being of lives and livelihoods.
You can never be too sure with fire safety and building security, so why not cover all grounds by purchasing from well established fire safety brands such as Apollo. Their conventional detectors have been made to last and do the important jobs well. These will make securing the safety of your building much easier.


All fire safety devices play an important role in safeguarding people in the event of a fire, but detectors are probably the most important device of them all. They act as the initial product to flag up a fire, sniffing out danger when others can not or at the time are unable to. Direct Trade Supplies only sells quality passed equipment, guaranteeing that your home or building will benefit from a well designed, fully functioning and easy to use bit of kit.

Why take any unneeded risks whilst setting up your fire safety systems. There is no such thing as over preparing when it comes to fire prevention, so if you are pondering on buying an intelligent fire prevention system, make sure you take a look at our conventional Apollo detector range.