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Apollo Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector (Grey)
Code: 55000-268
EXCL. VAT: £425.25
INCL. VAT: £510.30
Apollo Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector (Grey)
Code: 55000-273
EXCL. VAT: £495.00
INCL. VAT: £594.00
Apollo XP95 Dual Infra-red Flame Detector (Blue)
Code: 55000-280
EXCL. VAT: £925.00
INCL. VAT: £1109.99
Apollo XP95 Multi-sensor Optical Smoke & Heat Detector (White)
Code: 55000-885
EXCL. VAT: £29.80
INCL. VAT: £35.76
Apollo XP95 Optical Smoke Detector (White)
Code: 55000-600
EXCL. VAT: £21.95
INCL. VAT: £26.34
FireAngel Mains Heat Alarm With Zinc Carbon Batter (Matt White)
Code: HW1-PF-T
EXCL. VAT: £18.75
INCL. VAT: £22.50
FireAngel Multi-sensor Smoke Alarm 10yr Battery With Sleep Easy (Matt White)
Code: ST-622T
EXCL. VAT: £13.13
INCL. VAT: £15.76
ML Accessories Mini Optical Smoke Alarm (White)
Code: DT007
EXCL. VAT: £14.04
INCL. VAT: £16.85
Sona Mains Powered Heat Alarm
Code: HM-SN-1
EXCL. VAT: £27.95
INCL. VAT: £33.54
Showing 1 to 10 of 10 Products
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Optimise the fire safety and security of your home or business with Direct Trade Supplies' varied selection of quality fire and smoke alarms and detectors. All come from top of the range brand names in the industry you can trust and respect such as Fike, Fulleon and Apollo.

This superb offering of alarms and detectors range from carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms for properties of all sizes and purposes, leaving you with the option to choose what's best for your requirements. With such great variety on offer, you can rest assured you've got the best available.

Prioritise Your Property's Safety With Quality Alarms & Detectors

Business owners and homeowners looking to get their fire safety and security up to scratch need look no further than this quality range of alarms and detectors from Direct Trade Supplies. All are from top of the range brand names in the fire safety and security industry you can trust including Fike, Fulleon and Apollo and they come at competitive prices for tight budgets. With these products in place you can rest assured your home, small business, offices or warehouse have the quality coverage that not only meets legal safety requirements but also gives you peace of mind over the safety of your family, employees and property.

There's a great variety of products within our selection of quality alarms and detectors that should suit every customer's needs, no matter how big or small. There are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors ideal not just for large open plan offices but also home installations and alarms of both the electronic variety and classic bells for sounding the alert. There are even reflective beam smoke detectors offering the most advanced and accurate fire detection on the market. Whatever requirements you have, you're sure to find exactly what you need amongst this comprehensive range of fire safety products.

Alarms & Detectors To Suit All Requirements

  • Top Quality Range Of Fire Alarms & Detectors
  • Respected Brand Names Such As Apollo, Fike & Fulleon
  • Suits The Requirements Of Properties & Businesses Of All Sizes
If you highly value the safety of your property and the people that live and work within it then you should highly consider installing quality alarms and detectors from our amazing range of competitively priced fire safety and security products. These smoke alarms and detectors will give you peace of mind that your business or home is fully secure and prepared should the worst ever happen.