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Protect Your Cameras With CCTV Cages

If you want to give your cameras some added protection from weather, tampering and vandals, shop the selection of affordable CCTV cages. Made from durable materials and a variety of different sizes, CCTV covers give your security system the added fortification it needs.

When it comes to protecting your property, retail stock, products or vehicle fleets, you don't want to leave anything up to chance.  With durable CCTV cages, you can keep your cameras out of harms way whilst still getting first-rate footage of your premises.

CCTV Cages Are Yours For Less At Direct Trade Supplies

CCTV cages are great for use with cameras that are installed on shorter buildings, where vandals or those wanting to tamper with them can get easy access. Once installed, these low maintenance fittings will shield your cameras with minimal disruption to the images caught on camera.
  • Cages come with a galvanised, weatherproof finish for longevity
  • CCTV cages can be easily mounted to the wall or roof
  • Vandal-resistant models are great for use on buildings that have already suffered a break in, or that are in areas prone to violence
If you're concerned about the number of break ins in the area or just want added security, CCTV cages are ideal. You can easily mount them yourself as part of your DIY CCTV system, and get additional peace of mind knowing that your expensive equipment is protected from vandalism. CCTV cages are also helpful in protecting cameras against falling debris in the event of foul weather, too.

Durable CCTV Cages Are Available In Numerous Sizes

Opt for cages in ready-made sizes for instant fitting, or discuss your needs with us for a bespoke cage to suit your space. If you've invested in CCTV, you want to protect it and ensure your cameras provide high quality footage for years to come. CCTV cages are an inexpensive way to help prolong the life of your system by protecting the components within it, and the simple installation means you can have them up and mounted in a day.

When it comes to saving on CCTV cages, you can rest easy knowing we carry a number of models in durable, galvanized finishes to prevent rusting or damage. At Direct Trade Supplies, we provide excellent after-sales service too, so you can always get the assistance or advice you need to properly install and run your CCTV system.