Disabled Alarms

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Robus Toilet Alarm Kit, Spare Indicator
EXCL. VAT: £9.04
INCL. VAT: £10.85
Robus Toilet Alarm Kit, Spare Reset Panel
EXCL. VAT: £34.73
INCL. VAT: £41.68
Robus Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit (White)
Code: RDPTA-01
EXCL. VAT: £41.76
INCL. VAT: £50.11
Timeguard Emergency Push Button (White)
Code: EAPB1
EXCL. VAT: £36.90
INCL. VAT: £44.28
Timeguard Single Zone Emergency Assist Alarm Kit (White)
EXCL. VAT: £43.88
INCL. VAT: £52.66
C-Tec Accessible Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit (White)
Code: NC951
EXCL. VAT: £54.95
INCL. VAT: £65.94
C-Tec Accessible Toilet Reset Point with Sounder (White)
Code: NC809DBBT
EXCL. VAT: £15.04
INCL. VAT: £18.05
C-Tec Anti-Bacterial Wipe Clean Pull Cord Accessory Pack (Red)
Code: NCP-13
EXCL. VAT: £11.95
INCL. VAT: £14.34
C-Tec Ceiling Pull Unit (White)
Code: NC807C
EXCL. VAT: £15.53
INCL. VAT: £18.64
C-Tec Overdoor Light with Sounder (White)
Code: NC806CS
EXCL. VAT: £24.40
INCL. VAT: £29.28
C-Tec Single Zone Call Controller with 12V 140mA PSU (White)
Code: NC943B
EXCL. VAT: £70.90
INCL. VAT: £85.08
Showing 1 to 13 of 13 Products
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More Information
Disabled alarms are emergency alarm systems which enable a quick and apt response to those in need. Some professions require alarm activations in order to respond quicker than the average alarm system. Disability alarms are in sync with those who are being cared for and can be triggered by patients whenever necessary. These act as an essential piece of medical kit for people operating in care homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

Without a fully functioning emergency alarm system you run the risk of putting those in care at danger. It could be that those pressing the alarm need a simple readjustment in positioning or wish to ask a question, but of course there are scenarios where a disabled alarm system can be influential to the health and safety of those calling. Disabled response systems have been proven to be an efficient, time and life saving piece of equipment, continuing to be used across all manners of medical and care professions.


The great thing about using disabled alarms made by the likes of Timeguard and Robus is that they are proven and widely used pieces of security and safety equipment. Known to be an essential part of monitoring situations and alerting the potential difficulties a disabled person may encounter.

Direct Trade Supplies sells a variety of alarms and response systems, from medical alarm kits which include all the tools needed to set up a safe system, to individual door flashers and pull cords. Whatever the profession or scenario you will benefit immensely from our selection of alert systems. Direct Trade Supplies sells some of the best equipment available, ensuring quality assessed and mass practiced systems which are guaranteed to stand the test of time and perform brilliantly in sensitive and alarming situations.


It could be that getting a brand new selection of disability alarms will make your time at home a lot easier should you need help. Just knowing that you can alert another person to your situation is a comforting thought in itself. These alarms are made of durable stuff and run in conjunction with safety laws and have passed all the required qualifications.
All care professions should apply systems similar to these to sustain a smooth and safe operation. A disabled alarm system could mean the difference between an hour wait or a minute wait, sometimes people need the option to alert and take control of the situation immediately, and our disabled alarm systems are all sure to do that.