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See Things Clearly With CCTV Lenses

If you want to improve the images caught on camera by your CCTV system but don't want to replace the cameras themselves, consider adding CCTV lenses.

Whether you want to capture large areas on camera in lesser detail, or want an up-close look at a specific area or angle, CCTV lenses give you complete control over what you see and how. The many different lenses we stock enable you to find something suitable for use with your existing cameras, so you can alter the way you capture CCTV footage without having to replace any expensive equipment.

CCTV Lenses Are Simple And Effective

High-resolution CCTV lenses with cutting edge technology can be used in conjunction with your cameras for a number of reasons.

Whether you're after zoom capabilities, omni-directional coverage, fixed focal or varifocal, you'll find something suitable with our collection of CCTV lenses. Made by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, these lenses can be easily fitted to your camera and provide superb closed circuit images.

When shopping for CCTV lenses at Direct Trade Supplies you'll find:
  • A variety of focal lengths that give you the option of wide or narrow angle views
  • Automatic or manual Iris options to give you control over how the lens captures images in varying lighting conditions
  • A wide range of CCTV lenses that are suitable for use with various models
CCTV lenses offer you a variety of focal lengths, so that rather than replacing the cameras, you can change the view, angle and zoom with the simple addition of an external lens. Zoom lenses are great for capturing things like license plates or allowing for facial recognition up close, which can prove incredibly important in a police investigation. Keeping your property and its contents and staff safe is a round the clock job, one that is made easier with quality surveillance footage provided by high-quality cameras and CCTV lenses.

Save On CCTV Lenses With Direct Trade Supplies

At Direct Trade Supplies, we're proud to stock leading manufacturers at affordable prices, so that businesses of all sizes can afford quality surveillance solutions.

For affordable, optical precision, look no further than the selection of CCTV lenses, cameras and accessories available for less online with Direct Trade Supplies.