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DTS P&L 16w Fly Killer
Code: ZE121 16 watt Aluminium
EXCL. VAT: £29.00
INCL. VAT: £34.80
DTS P&L 30W Fly Killer
Code: ZE122
EXCL. VAT: £39.00
INCL. VAT: £46.80
Showing 1 to 2 of 2 Products
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Nobody wants to attract flies around the home, but if and when you do it is great to have fly killers available to take control of the situation. Fly traps like these enable you to get rid of the flies without having to stand up and hit a rolled newspaper against the window. You can leave your electric fly swatter to get rid of those dirty floating annoyances that can hover and zap around your room for hours.

It may sound a bit harsh but using fly killing machines is one of most efficient ways to stop them from spreading germs and diseases. They also prove to be a nifty way to halt the flies from infiltrating your personal space when you are trying to relax indoors. These electric fly swatter systems often use a friendly light attracting the flies to the machines bulb. This buzzing problem is now resolved with little to no effort at all, meaning you no longer have to try and usher them out of the window or squat them standing up


Although they are named fly killers these machines can get rid of many small insects that prove to be unwanted invaders inside the home. Various different smaller flying insects can be attracted by the bug killer light. Meaning you deal with less annoying intruders and endure fewer bites to skin by other insects.

You can buy indoor fly killer machines that catch the flies when they die; this remains a hygienic and tidy way to kill flies. Fly killers are most definitely advised to be implemented in areas or scenarios prone to attracting flies. A location next to a river or stream, or an event like an evening barbecue could also benefit from fly killers. Particular weather seasons and the increase of fruit flies commonly prompt people to buy fly repellent machines.


Getting up and swatting countless flies no longer has to be an issue. If you are worried about the size and bulk of the construction, well there is no need, because some of the systems are smaller and more stylish than you may think, sharing the ability to find a home in most rooms. Remember it may not even be required to keep a uv fly killer in the room all year round.

You could even store it away for the change of seasons where flies are more prominent. Whether it is a permanent fixture in your room or something you would bring out on occasions, all of our fly killers are sure to provide quality assistance in getting rid of flies.