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MITA RNG20W 20mm Conduit 1 X 950MM  (White)
EXCL. VAT: £1.00
INCL. VAT: £1.20
MITA PFA20W 20mm Conduit Female Adaptor (White)
Code: PFA20W
EXCL. VAT: £0.44
INCL. VAT: £0.53
MITA PMA20W 20mm Conduit Male Adaptor (White)
Code: PMA20W
EXCL. VAT: £0.42
INCL. VAT: £0.50
MITA 20CJB2W 20mm Conduit Terminal Box (White)
Code: 20CJB2W
EXCL. VAT: £0.89
INCL. VAT: £1.07
MITA SBS20W 20mm Conduit Spacer Bar Saddle (White)
Code: SBS20W
EXCL. VAT: £0.48
INCL. VAT: £0.58
MITA PSC20W 20mm Conduit Coupler (White)
Code: PSC20W
EXCL. VAT: £0.33
INCL. VAT: £0.40
MITA PIT20W 20mm Conduit Inspection Tee (White)
Code: PIT20W
EXCL. VAT: £1.20
INCL. VAT: £1.44
MITA 20CJB4W 20mm Conduit Angle Box (White)
Code: 20CJB4W
EXCL. VAT: £0.90
INCL. VAT: £1.08
MITA PIE20W 20mm Conduit Inspection Elbow (White)
Code: PIE20W
EXCL. VAT: £1.36
INCL. VAT: £1.63
MITA 20CJB3W 20mm Conduit Through Box (White)
Code: 20CJB3W
EXCL. VAT: £0.90
INCL. VAT: £1.08
MITA 20CJB5W 20mm Conduit Tee Box (White)
Code: 20CJB5W
EXCL. VAT: £1.04
INCL. VAT: £1.25
MITA PIB20W 20mm Conduit Inspection Bend (White)
Code: PIB20W
EXCL. VAT: £1.68
INCL. VAT: £2.02
MITA PIB25W 20mm Conduit Inspection Bend (White)
Code: PIB25W
EXCL. VAT: £3.26
INCL. VAT: £3.91
Showing 1 to 13 of 13 Products
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More Information
Whether you are a professional electrician or someone who requires electrical accessories for the home our flexible conduits 20mm white and accessories are sure to come in handy. Direct Trade Supplies stock a variety of electrical fittings, including our range of electrical conduit accessories. Depending on the job at hand you will have to carefully select the correct length for you.
Our flexible cable selection will make a sure impact to the way you lay down your wires. Wiring can be a tricky business; it needs to be as safe as possible, lacking in faults and as stress free as possible, so it is very important that you have the correct equipment to do the job. All of our wire fitting are IP rated to ensure and allow safe usage in ranges of interior or exterior applications.


You could be looking for a simple remedy to a few wires or you may be seeking some electrical fittings for a bigger job or project, Direct Trade Supplies can help you with both scenarios. We have flexible pipes for shorter distances and electrical conduits for vaster operations that require pvc piping across a far amount of ground. Our range of 20mm white and accessories cables are sure to fit into your given scenario.
Our top of the range Termination Technology Galvanised Steel Conduit Contractor Pack is big news for any electricians out there. This conduit set is highly sought after by professionals due to its quality properties, design and easy to use safe application. This wiring is very flexible making it perfect for more delicate work such as the wiring up of air conditioning systems.


Every home owner will have to deal with the odd bit wiring now and again, so why not prepare or fix up the image and safety of those dangerous looking wires. We sell affordable electrical accessories for all lines of work and personal use.
We sell both DIY essentials for in and around home, as well as important tools and accessories for experienced workman. Professional electricians and trained mechanics can all prosper with our electrical equipment and accessories. Whether it is tool sets, cables or electrical fitting accessories, Direct Trade Supplies can help.